Leverage Flexible Furniture Options to Create a Smart Lab Design

Did you know that something as subtle as the height of your desks, or the height ratio of the chair to desk could make a significant difference in the productivity of your lab? Workers spend a minimum of eight to ten hours per day living within their space. When there is a great deal of flexibility, output can skyrocket. If a small part of your team’s mind is focused on the fact that they’re uncomfortable in their chairs or space or unable to find the room to complete an experiment, they’re much less likely to be able to fully focus on the task at hand. This is where intelligent lab planning and design gain top-of-mind importance for facility managers. More lab design resources:

Custom Lab Tables

Having exactly the right drawers for your space can make the difference between order and chaos. If desk drawers are too small, it’s unlikely that workers will have room for everything and desks can quickly become cluttered. Too large, and items are hidden beneath others in the depths of a bottom drawer. This is why our team at OnePointe Solutions works with each facility to ensure we fully understand your needs before making a recommendation on one of our custom laboratory tables.

Modular Lab Cabinets

Our lab cabinets have the great benefit of full modularity. That means our drawer, door, and shelving configurations are completely changeable. If after two years of use you decide to switch your single door base cabinet into a five drawer storage unit, we will send someone on-site to make the change. Our wall cabinets and upper casework for our islands and workbenches can easily be slotted off uprights and replaced with wall shelving.

Workflow Optimization

When you provide your team with configurable options, you’re adding a layer of quality assurance from the start. A flexible workspace provides a variety of ways to optimize your workflow. This could be as simple as being able to reconfigure some details within the lab based on the daily needs to shifting a table from standing mode to sitting mode to relieve stress after a long day’s work. Providing a variety of options within a workspace allows for better health overall, which helps mitigate risk and create a culture that is as peaceful as it is productive.

Create Your Optimal Laboratory

Our lab design consultants will work with you one-on-one to scope out the furniture and layout you need to create your ideal workspace. When you need the very best in custom laboratory or industrial furniture designs, contact the design professionals at OnePointe Solutions today at (866) 612-7312 or request a quote online anytime! We offer complimentary on-sites and detailed drawings with all price requests.

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