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anti-vibration tables
02.17.2022 | Sydney Cross

What is an Anti-Vibration Table?

An anti-vibration table is crucial to any laboratory environment, reducing disruptive vibrations that can cause inaccuracies and damage costly equipment. Ultimately, heavy vibrations in a lab setting may create dangerous interference for sensitive work. Anti-vibration tables are one of the best tools you can use in a lab setting for weighing out substances and balancing

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05.22.2020 | Sydney Cross

Types of SEFA-8 Tests

SEFA-8 testing changes slightly based on the surface material of your casework and the requirements of your lab. While some special materials may require specific testing to ensure they are up to par, the SEFA-8 standards typically consist of three relatively simple types of tests.  Mechanical Tests Mechanical tests measure how much weight your casework

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03.18.2020 | Matthew Benson

Pharmaceutical Lab Furniture

Pharmaceutical labs perform vital testing and research on thousands of life-saving drugs annually, helping to advance the capabilities of modern medicine and medical treatment for the benefit of billions of people worldwide. Part of running a successful pharmaceutical chemistry lab is designing around equipment and furniture with efficiency in mind. At OnePointe Solutions, we specialize

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