What is an Anti-Vibration Table?

An anti-vibration table is crucial to any laboratory environment, reducing disruptive vibrations that can cause inaccuracies and damage costly equipment. Ultimately, heavy vibrations in a lab setting may create dangerous interference for sensitive work.

Anti-vibration tables are one of the best tools you can use in a lab setting for weighing out substances and balancing any type of high-precision equipment. Not only do they reduce the possibility of damaging expensive chemical substances with shock-absorbing material, but the safety and high-quality work they offer in a lab are unmatched. 

Having a stable work surface in a lab can improve the course of a workday tremendously. Here, we are going to take you through the many benefits of bringing an anti-vibration table into your facility. 

Anti-Vibration Tables Versus Balance Tables

Balance tables and anti-vibration tables are both designed to prevent imbalance and extreme vibrations in a sensitive work environment. However, there are several key differences between the two options. 

Balance tables are typically made with solid chemical epoxy resin or marble. While these materials work well for supporting motion-sensitive equipment, most balance tables are heavy and not ideal for transporting. 

Anti-vibration tables are made with tube steel and metal and come with anti-vibration levelers and shock absorbency, offering more flexibility and a larger work surface. Similar to marble or solid epoxy resin balance tables, anti-vibration tables can be heavy to transport as well.

However, they are high-quality, durable, and can be customized for your facility with ease. 

At OnePointe Solutions, we design specialized anti-vibration tables that will cater to the needs of your facility. 

What Can an Anti-Vibration Table Support?

An anti-vibration table is best used in a lab setting, holding sensitive lab materials, such as measuring tubes, glass beakers, microscopes, and other high-precision equipment. 

Any time there is frequent movement near a lab workstation from atmospheric vibrations, such as the faintest footsteps or outside interference from a busy road, inaccurate results become more likely. We do not always have the option to move our lab to a vibration-free zone, so that is when anti-vibration tables especially come in handy.

Certain balance modes require the use of an anti-vibration table more than others. These modes include:

  • Precision Balance
  • Analytical Balance
  • Semi-Micro Balance
  • Micro Balance

Understand that all of the aforementioned types have high sensitivity and precision in both medical and scientific environments, so having an anti-vibration table would be beneficial.

Choosing an Anti-Vibration Table

Anti-vibration tables are used primarily in lab environments, including:

Medical and Pharmaceutical Labs

When handling any sensitive materials, in medical labs and pharmaceutical environments such as chemicals and medicines, many chemists require a balanced workstation for producing accurate results. Without the assistance of an anti-vibration table, creating medicines and supplements becomes more of a difficult process. 

University Labs

Due to frequent data analysis and the conduction of scientific experiments, plenty of delicate research occurs in university science labs. An anti-vibration table produces more accurate results and clean analysis. 

Food Testing Labs

To accurately measure the weight distribution of food items, food testing labs need anti-vibration tables. An anti-vibration table levels out measurements for the weight of food samples. 

Custom Anti-Vibration Tables

Anti-vibration tables offer more flexibility in their design compared to balance tables. Fortunately, both options accommodate special lab equipment. 

OnePointe Solutions offers numerous custom countertop options, including:

Note that these countertop materials will not work with balance tables, since those are only made from chemical epoxy resin or marble.

Have a specific work surface in mind for your lab environment? Our team of certified professionals at OnePointe Solutions is happy to work with you to determine the best fit for your facility. 

Need an Anti-Vibration Table?

Here at OnePointe Solutions, we will work directly with you to create an ideal custom balance table that suits the needs of your lab facility. You are also welcome to opt for one of our existing design templates as well. Whether you need a balance table or anti-vibration table, we are happy to help you find the best custom solution for achieving your work goals without interference.

OnePointe Solutions proudly crafts anti-vibration tables to accommodate specialized lab equipment, preventing disruption and costly damages as well. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at (866) 612-7312 for your consultation today!

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