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Academic Lab Furniture

When developing a laboratory for academic purposes, whether it’s a high school science lab, a chemistry lab layout, or a college research lab, you have to consider the overall objective of the young researchers who inhabit it.

Built with Students in Mind - We Work with Top 100 Universities

OnePointe Solutions installs flooring, workbenches, furniture, casework, and equipment that elevate school science laboratories and enhance researchers’ workflow. Our designers and craftsmen manufacture and build lab furniture and entire laboratories suitable for physics, chemistry, biology, microbiology, and engineering.

While our attention is directed to the aesthetics, reliability, and longevity of the labs and equipment we manufacture, we never lose sight of this overarching objective of yours. That’s why we approach every project, from college lab casework to microbiology lab layouts, with the intention of creating environments suited for progress.

Get a Lab with a Higher IQ

All our lab furniture, flooring, and equipment are SEFA compliant, and our products have undergone rigorous, third-party testing. Like all of our work, we approach school lab layouts with the confidence that we can design, manufacture, and install every piece of equipment that would go into an academic lab. We are able to supply virtually every piece of equipment necessary for a college laboratory including, but not limited to, college lab shelving, college lab storage units, school science lab sinks, and science lab tables for schools at any level. OnePointe Solutions is truly a one-stop shop for any school laboratory layout you need.

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Our reputation for quality and dependability is why we’re now recognized as the leading manufacturer of custom lab furniture and workbenches in the country. Safety, ergonomics; durability, and aesthetics inform everything we do. We also provide manufacturer pricing. On-time installation means that your team starts on time. We know that getting started with a school laboratory layout can be pretty daunting, and at times, even overwhelming. Luckily, our extensive track record of college lab casework, chemistry lab casework, and several other successful projects have made us confident in our ability to perfect your school laboratory. Our high school science laboratory development plan is the perfect template to get started, and our expert designers have the development process down to a T so it’s all downhill from there. If you’re interested in setting up a school laboratory, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team will be ready, waiting to help you contribute to the future of our industry.

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