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Choosing a Balance Table

Many labs utilize large and heavy equipment during the course of their work, which may result in flooring and wall vibrations. While this may not impact the work done in some labs, those that use highly-calibrated and sensitive equipment can easily be derailed by excessive imbalance/vibration.

Vibrations can not only be disruptive, they can be potentially dangerous, causing inaccurate results, sloppy analysis, and can even damage expensive equipment. 

Anti-vibration and balance tables absorb the shock created by atmospheric/environmental vibrations, creating a stable surface on which to perform sensitive tasks. Our anti-vibration tables help to keep your equipment, samples, and worksurface steady, ensuring result accuracy and reducing testing errors.

Whether you just fired up some heavy-duty equipment, or your facility has particularly shaky floors, having a balance or anti-vibration table on hand will ensure you always have a steady work surface. 

Key Applications & Benefits of Balance & Anti-Vibration Tables

  • Anti-vibration tables are used when measuring the microbalances of samples with relatively small mass
  • Anti-vibration tables can be used to store and house microscopes which can become uncalibrated or difficult to use with too much vibration
  • Anti-vibration tables can be made to fit in as a mobile alternative to an exist run of fixed lab casework.
  • Anti-vibration tables can also be used to store other sensitive equipment like mass spectrometers
  • Delicate procedures like taking small measurements or assessing microscopic samples also require the use of an anti-vibration table, allowing the technician to closely examine the specimen without interference 
  • The use of anti-vibration tables can extend the life of your equipment by reducing environmental wear and tear

Custom Anti-Vibration Tables

At OnePointe Solutions, our specialty is creating custom solutions for our clients. Our tables, workbenches, islands, and other work surfaces are fully customizable, and can be tailor-made to suit the specific needs of your facility.

Our anti-vibration tables can be made to accommodate virtually any special equipment, and we have already worked closely with many clients to create anti-vibration frames for a variety of sensitive apparatus. 

Our team of dedicated professional designers can work with you to develop a custom solution, and can build tables and workbenches to your exacting specifications. We’ll work with you to assess the needs of your facility in order to provide guidance to the best anti-vibration table solution.

Whether you choose to go the custom route and work with our design team to create your own balance and anti-vibration tables, or you go with one of our existing designs, we can help you find the option that is right for you. 

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