Phenolic Resin Casework

Solid phenolic compact is a thermoset material comparable to Trespa that can be use to create heavy-duty cabinetry suited for any scientific and industrial use.

OnePointe Solutions manufactures, designs, and installs premium lab casework for facilities across all 50 US states. Contact us for a quote or drawing of your project, we strive to provide the most flexible lead times in the industry.

Phenolic Resin Casework Provides Long-Term Value That Stands Up Tough Over Time

Phenolic resin is the ideal choice for many laboratory facilities due to its extreme resistance to chemical corrosion, moisture, and high impact applications. Often outpacing both epoxy resin and stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance, phenolic resin is now the first pick for many industrial facilities, research facilities, manufacturers, educational laboratories, and so on. 

Beyond incredible resistance to corrosion, moisture, scratching, and impact, phenolic resin is also relatively lightweight and inexpensive as compared to similar materials on the market. Being lightweight allows for phenolic resin to be used in far more applications than heavier materials, and increases cost-effectiveness. Durable, long-lasting, and affordable, phenolic resin casework can commonly be found in medical facilities, food testing, animal testing, cannabis testing, manufacturing, and other heavy-duty applications. 

Key Features of Phenolic Resin

  • Phenolic resin is extremely resistant to corrosive chemicals, testing above ‘excellent’ for all acid tests
  • Phenolic resin holds up well against scratching and marring, making it a great choice in educational facilities or labs that experience high traffic
  • Phenolic resin is easy to clean and non-porous, preventing the absorption of chemicals, biological agents, harmful materials, etc. 
  • Phenolic resin is resistant to splintering, making it safe to use in industrial environments

Phenolic Resin Cabinet Configurations

Our specialty at OnePointe Solutions is creating custom solutions for our clients. We assess their unique needs and work closely with their teams to create tailor-made cabinetry and other lab furniture. 

We also offer a variety of existing configurations, each of which can easily be altered to fit the requirements of your laboratory. Our phenolic resin casework also comes in a variety of colors, and can include a number of add-on accessories. Popular casework configurations available from OnePointe Solutions include: 

  • Base cabinets are standard floor-mounted cabinets that may span the length of a wall, be located in a corner, or be used to house sinks and wash stations
  • Lab islands combine the advantages of additional worksurfaces with additional casework/storage, and can be freestanding and include modular shelving, suspending casework, etc.
  • Mobile cabinets are outfitted with locking or rolling casters, making them easy to move from one location to another in your facility without doing any heavy lifting
  • Sink cabinets include under-mounted, drop-in, or integral sinks, and may be included in base cabinetry or at the ends of lab islands for additional handwashing/cleanup stations
  • Suspended cabinets can be hung under tables, workbenches, or islands, offering additional storage for individual workstations
  • Tall cabinets take advantage of the most vertical space, and are excellent for the storage of reagents and specimens

Wall cabinets are mounted on the wall, and can be suspended over workbenches, tables, islands, etc.

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