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Virology Lab Equipment
11.03.2022 | Sydney Cross

Virology Lab Equipment

These days, few scientific fields are as busy as virology. Scientists are constantly working in virology labs to understand viral illnesses and make everyone healthier. It’s a critical field of study, and it requires plenty of expertise and specialized equipment. Simply seeing a virology lab equipment list isn’t enough to truly understand the scope of

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pathology lab equipment
08.05.2022 | Sydney Cross

Pathology Lab Equipment

In the modern world, few places of scientific study are as essential as pathology labs. These institutions focus on studying, testing, and storing samples to determine whether or not certain diseases or mutations are present. Pathology is the intersection of medicine, chemistry, and science. In a pathology lab, researchers constantly handle extremely sensitive materials, many

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organic lab equipment
05.25.2022 | Sydney Cross

Organic Chemistry Lab Equipment

As one of the most widely adaptable forms of chemistry, organic chemistry laboratories are in high demand. These spaces are primarily for researching and developing new compounds and synthetic materials.  The application of which applies to use in various industries. As a result, they often see heavy use. They are also stocked with highly specialized

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inorganic chemistry lab equipment
05.10.2022 | Sydney Cross

Inorganic Chemistry Lab Equipment

Inorganic chemistry labs require specialized equipment. Without this equipment, inorganic chemists cannot conduct experiments, observation, and research projects.  What Is Inorganic Chemistry?   Inorganic chemistry is the branch of chemistry that deals with inorganic, non-carbon-hydrogen bond-based molecules. Inorganic chemistry studies some substances that are familiar, like salts and metals, but also studies more unusual compounds and

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medical lab equipment
02.21.2022 | Sydney Cross

Medical Lab Equipment

Whether you’re building a new medical laboratory from scratch, or if you’re renovating your existing lab space, medical labs need a great deal of specialized equipment. Each area of the lab requires unique equipment sets, as well as general laboratory furniture to support the lab’s testing activities.  While all labs have different equipment needs based

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Tissue culture lab equipment
01.24.2022 | Sydney Cross

Tissue Culture Lab Equipment

A tissue culture laboratory would not be able to complete research, conduct tests, or grow tissues without an assortment of specific, specialized laboratory equipment. While all labs will have slightly different equipment needs based on their specific purpose and research designs, here is a list of equipment that will help you get started on preparing

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Optical Breadboard
02.04.2021 | Sydney Cross

What Is An Optical Breadboard?

Optical engineers performing tests and manufacturing optical components and equipment require a stable work surface possessing specific vibration dampening qualities that help to keep carefully calibrated equipment from being shifted. Optical engineering is a technical, highly precise field, one that often takes place on a microscopic scale. Pieces and components must be precisely placed, and

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optical table
02.04.2021 | Sydney Cross

What Is An Optical Table?

Optical tables are a type of platform used by optical engineers and manufacturers to stabilize and support items during the process of testing, manufacturing, or repairing the optical elements that make up lasers, microscopes, and other optical devices. Designed to be extremely stiff and rigid, the use of an optical table is intended to minimize

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biosafety cabinet vs fume hoods
12.21.2020 | Sydney Cross

The Difference Between a Fume Hood and a Biosafety Cabinet

In these uncertain times, the importance of scientific research that unearths new, valuable information cannot be overstated. A great deal of this research takes place in laboratories.  As such, those facilities should be well-equipped to protect the health of lab technicians and the integrity of their experiments.  That’s where fume hoods and biosafety cabinets come

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