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How to Design a Modern School Computer Lab
10.12.2022 | Sydney Cross

Designing a Modern School Computer Lab

Before the advent of the home computer in the 1980s, schools were often the only place kids and teens ever had access to computers. Now, in an age where smartphones are ubiquitous, the computer lab might seem like an outdated concept. But this is not true! The modern computer lab is a space that can

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How To Design a Sustainable Lab
10.11.2022 | Sydney Cross

How To Design a Sustainable Lab

As institutions dedicated to advancing our understanding of the world, scientific laboratories should be pillars of advancement. That’s why OnePointe Solutions is always eager to improve a laboratory’s sustainability. When working on a sustainable lab design, lab designers must examine multiple points of view. As important as it may be to reduce energy consumption, scientific

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The Importance of Quality Assurance in Laboratories
09.15.2022 | Sydney Cross

The Importance of Quality Assurance in Laboratories

In any lab environment, especially a clinic, it’s vital that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. The best way to go about this is by preventing problems before they have the chance to appear through a strong quality assurance process. So, what is quality assurance, why is it important, and how can you make sure your

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How to design a pathology lab
07.28.2022 | Sydney Cross

How To Design a Pathology Lab

At the intersection of science and medicine, there’s pathology. This is the study of diseases, and — for fairly obvious reasons — it’s a huge field right now. Pathology labs are growing at an unprecedented rate, and that means more people are asking about how to design a pathology lab. At OnePointe Solutions, we’ve worked

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how to design a molecular testing lab
07.22.2022 | Sydney Cross

How To Design a Molecular Testing Lab

Molecular testing labs are highly specialized spaces made to fit the needs of the discipline, which means that they must be built to certain specifications. In addition to plenty of atmospheric safeguards, molecular laboratories often house large, heavy equipment. All of these features must be considered when a builder is thinking about how to design

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how to design a cannabis lab
07.15.2022 | Sydney Cross

How To Design a Cannabis Lab

So, you’re looking to claim your own piece of the cannabis industry pie and need a cannabis lab to do it.  While this is certainly doable, it does require careful planning and attention to detail. As with any lab setting, your cannabis lab will need to follow strict standards of cleanliness, be appropriately licensed, and

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Accessible Science Lab Design
07.08.2022 | Sydney Cross

Accessible Academic Science Lab Design

Science is all about collaboration. Discoveries are never made in a bubble, and they’re always supported by a legion of dedicated researchers. Designing an academic lab for disabilities is one of the most important things that an educational institution can do to encourage its students, and ensure all of the world’s brilliant minds can enjoy

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How to Design an Academic Science Lab
07.01.2022 | Sydney Cross

Designing an Academic Science Lab

For scientists, few places are as special as an academic science lab. If you ask any scientist or researcher where their passion began, they’ll probably tell you the same thing. Everyone started as a starry-eyed student, and their passion for studying the world around us grew from a humble school laboratory. These rooms exist in

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how to design a diagnostics lab
06.29.2022 | Sydney Cross

Designing a Diagnostic Lab

When it comes to scientific experimentation, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Every discipline has its own needs, and every scientific study requires a special combination of equipment, supplies, and procedures. For example, in a diagnostic lab, where sanitation and security are crucial, there will be special considerations that would not exist in other laboratories. At OnePointe Solutions,

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