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types of welding
02.19.2021 | Sydney Cross

11 Types Of Welding

Welding is a metal joining technique (also used on thermoplastics) that uses high heat to melt and fuse base materials. In addition to melting the base material, welders also apply a melted filler which helps to bond the pieces together once cooled. Whereas other types of metal joining depend entirely on the filler ‘adhesive’ to

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welding safety equipment
02.10.2021 | Sydney Cross

Welding Safety Equipment

Welding involves the use of high heat tools to bond pieces of metal and thermoplastic together when creating furniture, tools, machinery, and components of scientific and industrial equipment among many other items. A highly technical task, welders train for years to become masters at their craft and utilize a variety of tools and equipment to

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welding table
02.05.2021 | Sydney Cross

What Is a Welding Table?

Welders use high heat tools to melt and bond metals and thermoplastics to create joints and seams that connect pieces of various components, accessories, machinery, etc. Because welding involves the use of incredibly high temperatures, the average workbench or table can’t handle the strain and could be burned or destroyed by the process, creating a

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Optical Breadboard
02.04.2021 | Sydney Cross

What Is An Optical Breadboard?

Optical engineers performing tests and manufacturing optical components and equipment require a stable work surface possessing specific vibration dampening qualities that help to keep carefully calibrated equipment from being shifted. Optical engineering is a technical, highly precise field, one that often takes place on a microscopic scale. Pieces and components must be precisely placed, and

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optical table
02.04.2021 | Sydney Cross

What Is An Optical Table?

Optical tables are a type of platform used by optical engineers and manufacturers to stabilize and support items during the process of testing, manufacturing, or repairing the optical elements that make up lasers, microscopes, and other optical devices. Designed to be extremely stiff and rigid, the use of an optical table is intended to minimize

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How to design a packing station
12.30.2020 | Sydney Cross

Designing A Packing Station

All packing stations fulfill the same basic functions, but depending on the specific needs of every worker and job environment, the exact design of a packing station can vary. Packing stations should be designed to optimize the item packing process, both for the sake of reducing strain and stress on the worker and to expedite

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How to set up a fulfillment
12.30.2020 | Sydney Cross

How To Set Up a Shipping Fulfillment Area

E-commerce has completely changed the fulfillment process, creating far more competition between companies trying to keep up with each other and customer demand for two-day and overnight shipping. From beginning to end, the fulfillment process needs to be flawless to ensure that customers are receiving their full orders on time, and without any damage occurring

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04.15.2020 | Sydney Cross

How to Choose the Right Prison Furniture

At OnePointe Solutions, we specialize in designing, building, and installing custom furniture solutions made to fit the exact needs and specifications of our clients. No matter the scale or scope of your project, our team can create cutting edge solutions to your most complex design problems. Now present in countless laboratories and facilities across the

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03.19.2020 | Sydney Cross

Types of Industrial Facilities

At OnePointe Solutions, we design, build and install custom industrial furniture for clients in a wide range of industries from the world of medicine to consumer product and food testing. Our design and furniture recommendations are largely informed by the type of industrial building your company is housed in, as each has its own unique

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