Types of Industrial Facilities

At OnePointe Solutions, we design, build and install custom industrial furniture for clients in a wide range of industries from the world of medicine to consumer product and food testing. Our design and furniture recommendations are largely informed by the type of industrial building your company is housed in, as each has its own unique attributes and applications. This guide illustrates some of the key types of industrial facilities you may encounter when searching for industrial properties. 

Flex Buildings

As the name suggests, flex buildings are flexible workspaces with room for various applications including office space, research and development, data centers. The term “flex building” may be used to refer to a specific facility, or to a category of facilities including telecom center and small warehouse buildings (both listed below). 

The most distinct identifying quality of flex buildings is a higher than usual percentage of office space. Because of this, flex buildings often have lower ceilings than other industrial facilities. At OnePointe Solutions, we provide high-quality office chairs and ergonomic seating to facilitate comfort and productivity throughout flex facilities. 

Heavy Industrial Buildings

Heavy industrial buildings are also commonly referred to as manufacturing buildings and are utilized to create goods and materials. Some heavy industrial buildings may contain heavy-duty equipment or manufacturing machinery, others may be dedicated to food testing or the perfecting of consumer products. Ideal manufacturing building locations will include extensive high-capacity HVAC and ventilation systems, pressurized air and water lines, floor drains, and more. 

To aid in the smooth operation of heavy industrial facilities, we offer a variety of customizable industrial workbenches and storage options in a range of material options and configurations. 

Light Manufacturing Buildings

Like heavy industrial buildings, like manufacturing buildings are facilities that create goods and materials. Light manufacturing buildings do not have the same heavy equipment or extensive infrastructure requirements as heavy industrial buildings, and sare commonly housed in flex buildings or smaller facilities. 

R&D Buildings

High technology industries like electronics or software developers tend to opt for flex building options to house their facilities, enjoying their built-in flexibility and myriad of design options. Unlike the typical bare-bones flex buildings many industrial companies choose, R&D buildings have been converted to create a campus atmosphere, complete with beautiful architecture and landscaping, shared workspaces, and plenty of open space for personnel to congregate and work. 

Refrigeration Buildings

Refrigeration buildings feature large-capacity cold storage for the preservation of perishable products and materials like meat, dairy, produce, and so on. Commonly combined with flex buildings and distribution centers, refrigeration buildings require access to reliable, high-capacity power sources to maintain constant refrigeration. To ensure proper handling of food and consumer products in refrigeration building settings, we offer a range of food lab furniture options designed for easy cleaning and long-lasting durability. 

Telecom Centers

Telecom centers must be located in close proximity to large and/or redundant power supplies in order to support extensive computer systems, data storage, network servers, and more. To accommodate complex electrical wiring and computer systems, telecom centers should be designed to handle high levels of electrical usage, should have specialized HVAC and cooling systems, and should be equipped with backup generators and power storage. 

Organize your telecom center using one of our custom casework solutions, perfect for storing sensitive machinery and heavy equipment. Choose heavy-duty materials for long-lasting durability, and opt for special features like electrostatic dissipative (ESD) workstations to ensure safe handling of sensitive electronics and equipment.  

Warehouse/Distribution Buildings

Warehouses and distribution buildings are typically some of the largest industrial facilities, often boasting thousands of feet of space and high ceilings to account for shelves full of inventory and stored merchandise. Warehouse and distribution buildings may be stand-alone facilities or may be contained within flex buildings or a corner of heavy industrial buildings. 

To aid in shipping and distribution efforts, we offer a range of packing stations and other furniture options to keep shipping materials tidy and organized while enhancing personnel productivity and comfort with ergonomic design and optional add-on accessories. 

Wet Lab Buildings

Wet lab buildings, also known as biotech buildings, feature high-tech labs and advanced equipment for the purposes of testing and developing pharmaceuticals, researching infectious diseases, and so on. Wet lab buildings require extensive and complex plumbing systems along with extensive environmental controls to ensure a safe working environment for all facility personnel and surrounding areas. 

Wet labs have more stringent furniture requirements than their dry counterparts, needing to account for bacterial buildup, moisture levels, corrosive chemical use, and so on. At OnePointe Solutions, we offer industrial furniture in a range of waterproof and moisture resistant materials like epoxy resin, phenolic resin, and stainless steel. We also offer easy-to-clean and bacteria-resistant anti-microbial lab furniture to aid in the maintenance of a clean and healthy working environment. 

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