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designing a company office
03.02.2022 | Sydney Cross

Designing Your Company Office: A How-To Guide

Whether your company is just getting started and you’re looking to create the best office space for your employees as you can or you’ve been in business for a while and you’re looking to refresh your current office space, designing a company office space that is effective and comfortable for your employees is incredibly important.

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how to remodel your breakroom on a budget
02.24.2022 | Sydney Cross

How To Remodel Your Break Room on a Budget

Employee comfort and workplace amenities are vital to keeping your employees happy on the job. Taking breaks creates a company culture, boosts employee wellness and morale, and actually increases productivity. You want your break room to reflect your company’s values and modern way of working, which means that you want to keep it up-to-date and

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How to soundproof an office
01.06.2021 | Sydney Cross

How to Soundproof an Office

If you have ever struggled to focus on a task or get your head in the right mindset because of a persistent, annoying sound, or loud conversation happening around you, you understand the importance of soundproofing. In an office environment, getting work done quickly and accurately is key to a successful workday, but when distractions

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