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how to install solid surface countertops
01.22.2021 | Sydney Cross

How To Install Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface is one of the most popular countertop materials thanks to its extreme durability, easy to clean poreless surface, and affordable versatility. Solid surface countertops are also fairly easy to install, even if you have little previous experience with countertop installation. Unlike many other countertop materials, cutting and carving solid surface is relatively easy,

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how to care for solid surface countertops
01.19.2021 | Sydney Cross

Maintenance & Care of Solid Surface

Solid surface is a synthetic material made from a mixture of resin and fillers to create a super hard, highly durable product for use as countertops, cabinet fronts, benchtops, and more. First poured as a liquid, solid surface is chemically cured to tightly bond the material, resulting in a completely smooth, non-porous surface devoid of

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what is solid surface
01.15.2021 | Sydney Cross

What is Solid Surface?

If you have spent any time searching for countertops for a building or design project, you have most certainly come across the term ‘solid surface’ and seen tons of furniture options featuring this material. But what is solid surface, and is it a good choice for your specific needs?  Solid surface is a super popular

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06.18.2020 | Sydney Cross

Phenolic Resin vs. Epoxy Resin Countertops

Selecting furniture for a lab does not just mean choosing the items that appeal most to your aesthetic sensibilities or those pieces that fit in your budget. The job of furnishing a lab requires you to pay close attention to every detail of your selections, and one of the most important details will always be

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