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Cleaning Maple Block Countertops
11.25.2020 | Sydney Cross

How to Care for Maple Block Countertops

Maple block is a strong material that many people choose for their labs, workbenches, office settings, and other commercial facilities. When cared for properly, maple block is incredibly durable and adds a great aesthetic value to your facility. However, proper maintenance and cleaning are essential for keeping maple block countertops in excellent condition.  Here’s what

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06.15.2020 | Sydney Cross

How to Care for Stainless Steel in Cleanrooms & Pharmaceutical Labs

Cleanrooms and pharmaceutical labs typically handle the testing or manufacturing of materials that are sensitive to environmental contamination. In cleanrooms, researchers and technicians may be handling any number of vulnerable materials, since cleanrooms are used for the manufacturer of everything from semiconductors to OLED displays.  Similarly, pharmaceutical labs may handle any number of chemicals, substances,

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04.17.2020 | Sydney Cross

Shelf Lives of Common Chemical Reagents

Laboratories in every industry use a variety of chemical reagents throughout the process of testing, analysis, and development. There are a virtually limitless number of uses for chemical reagents: In educational settings, reagents are used for the purpose of demonstrating chemical reactions and properties.  In testing facilities, reagents are used to assess materials for resistance

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04.17.2020 | Sydney Cross

Contamination Control Guidelines

Contamination control is the general term given to the process of eliminating and preventing contamination on surfaces and in the atmosphere. In a laboratory environment, adhering to proper contamination control guidelines helps to keep staff and the facility safe, and helps to prevent cross-contamination during the process of testing.  Depending on the nature of the

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02.07.2020 | Sydney Cross

How To Clean Your Lab Benches

At OnePointe Solutions, we understand the importance of durability. Each of your lab benches and piece of lab furniture from OnePointe Solutions is made from the highest quality, best-tested materials, and are built to withstand extended use and exposure to harsh conditions. Though not all benchtop materials are equally optimal for all applications, with our

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10.16.2019 | Sydney Cross

Laboratory Chemical Spill Response Plan

As part of lab safety training, all laboratory workers should be adequately equipped to handle spills. Even with proper training and prevention, occasional laboratory spills are inevitable. Chemical spills can be disruptive and hazardous, often damaging materials and forcing evacuations. However, an efficient response to spills and quick cleaning of lab workstations and surfaces will

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