Dental Labs Are a Growing Industry

Consumer demand for dental lab products is growing, driving growth for independent labs, and dentists. With rapidly advancing technology in areas like implants, an aging population, the perils of hard candy, and the increasing popularity of aesthetic dentistry, labs and practitioners are doing more, for more people.

It has never been a better time to start your own dental laboratory business.

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Dental Lab Businesses

Many dentists have brought the lab into their office in an effort to improve efficiency and patient satisfaction through same-day turnaround times. Shared lab workstations are commonplace that combine analytical and administrative work. In many instances, the patient won’t have to come back to the office a second time for their crown, denture, partial, etc (or even a third time if an item proves to be less than perfect and has to be sent out again).

The dentist can also oversee the quality of production in his or her own office, and, the patient can go to work the next day with their smile intact. According to an ancient “toothsayer”,  A beautiful smile is worth a thousand words (Not to mention, repeat and referral business).

If you’re considering a new build or an expansion of your existing practice or lab, it pays to go with a pro. You wouldn’t send a patient to the most highly skilled cardiologist for a set of veneers, and you wouldn’t want the most reputable residential contractor building your highly specialized environment.

It pays to do it right the first time (just like with that crown) by choosing a company like OnePointe. We don’t just do dental, but it’s a specialty we perfected early in our business.

American Made Dental Lab and Office Furniture

We launched our business in Austin, Texas where we design and manufacture custom fabrications including dental office furniture and several other features that meet the specific needs of medical and dental offices, along with those of labs for manufacturing and scientific research. No matter where you are in the country, we come to you and will help design, plan, and personally build your space.

Our experience allows us to move quickly so that you’re not leasing space just for the heck of it while our wholesale pricing keeps your finances afloat. We’re a little bit like dentists; we design, align, drill, and polish to perfect every job, from your first dental office to “boutique,” midsize, and large commercial labs.

Our products range from dental cabinets and casework to dental office work-benches and tables. We’re sensitive to the finer details like hidden soft hinges that won’t collect dust, snag clothing or jar your work surface, and we also offer and install a large selection of flooring, and LED lighting.

Our products are SEFA compliant, and all custom steel products are third-party tested for strength and durability. Aesthetics, ergonomics, durability, and longevity are the cornerstones of all that we do.

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We know you’re thinking about the future. We are, too. That’s why when we plan your space, we factor in your growth and success. A smart layout for your dental lab allows for future expansion without a major upheaval and unnecessary expense.

Call us at (866) 612-7312 for help designing your dental lab today.

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