Case Study: Dow Diversified Industrial Lab

Lab Furniture Requested:

Project Summary:

The customer contacted OPS in an immediate need of material. They got straight to the point and said we have a $300k budget. Can we handle it and can we meet the lead time?

They were very upfront about not wasting their time and needing an answer that day. The current manufacturer delayed the project to the point that it would impact research for the new lab.

This was not a product that had been designed to this point and all deciding parties were out of the office for the day. We flew the capital expense manager and project manager for Dow Diversified to our location within the next week for review.

The end-user provided all documents needed to roughly design and retrofit the material to meet their needs. All of the suspended cabinets were onsite and samples were sent to OPS to solidify the design.

We attacked the custom design and laid out the necessary items, but we had not really dealt with quick connect services or electrical raceways before. The sales rep worked closely with a third-party raceway manufacturer and WSF to design comparable items needed for each of the 72 stations.

Due to capacity, the project had to be shipped and installed in two separate shipments within 45 days of order placement.

Project Challenges:

This project required design from the ground up. When another laboratory furniture provider over-promised on the project completion date they came to OnePointe Solutions.

Design Summary:

Being a custom furniture manufacturer…when we had an opportunity to deliver for a customer that was having trouble getting their project finalized from a struggling industry competitor we jumped on the opportunity. The design requirements were very strict and involved using other components that were very different from our normal design processes.

The product was designed, prototyped, manufactured, and installed all within a six-week time frame.

Installation Summary:

Our team arrived on site at 6 AM to unload two full truckloads on the day of the install. We carefully assembled 10 Proteus workstations at a time in the staging area.

Freight elevators safely transported the product into place on each floor necessary. Once the workstations were on the correct floor and inline per elevation drawing, we prepped for final assembly.

Countertops were mounted and chemical resistant seams were placed between each workstation. Once countertops were set in place, shelves and services were mounted to each Proteus workstation.

We completed the installation two days earlier than expected and the customer could perform their research on time.

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