The Importance of Having the Proper Chair at Work

People spend a lot of time sitting when they’re at work, and that’s spawned plenty of problems. The sedentary nature of modern life isn’t what our bodies were built for, and many workers are starting to pay for it.

However, the pandemic has changed things. People have discovered the versatility of working from home, and offices are struggling to find ways to lure workers back to the office. That’s why managers need to consider the basics of their workplace, and seating is the perfect place to start.

The Benefits of Proper Seating

Being the most used spot in an office, a worker’s chair must be comfortable. Workers should be able to sit in it for long periods of time without feeling the need to constantly move and stretch.

At home, many people invested in their own seats. These fancy chairs frequently featured the perfect padding for each user, and trying to lure a worker away from this cozy cocoon and into an old-fashioned office chair is a tough order.

Improved Health

One of the biggest impacts of the pandemic is the public recognition that our current lifestyle isn’t cutting it. People found themselves more engaged in the world around them, and they often came to realize that sitting in a chair for 8 hours every day was harming their health.

Modern office chairs alleviate some of these drawbacks by providing workers with plenty of support for their backs and joints, which reduces joint and muscle pain. Fancier chairs — such as kneeling seats — also offer different configurations to suit any need.

Some of the most important health benefits of ergonomic seating are:

  • Ergonomic comfort
  • Improved posture
  • Joint support
  • Reduced neck pain

Increased Productivity

Thanks to these health benefits, ergonomic seats also bolster an office’s productivity.

Workers no longer feel the need to constantly stretch and move around. Instead, they can work for longer stretches with little more than a slight adjustment. This means that you’ll see improved productivity with a fairly low investment.

Older employees will also have fewer joint problems, which means they’ll take less time off work to recover from particularly stressful and work-heavy periods. The effect will cascade to younger employees, too, who will enjoy fewer joint problems and long-term drawbacks of today’s sedentary lifestyle.

The importance of having a good office chair cannot be understated, and investing in an ergonomic desk chair is the perfect way to improve performance without making radical changes to company policy or culture.

How to Find the Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Obviously, you won’t find a chair that works for everyone out of the box.

If you want to find a good ergonomic chair, then you’ll have to look for something that is adjustable and versatile. Depending on your budget, this can even mean purchasing different types of seats for different sitting styles.

For example, an office may opt to buy some kneeling chairs in addition to plush new executive seats.

It’s worth keeping in mind that ergonomic chairs are no longer limited to executive seating. Even common desk chairs can be created with customizable features and padding to fit any worker.

Everyone gets to feel as comfortable as the boss, and many business owners will be amazed at the price.

Look for Versatility

A good ergonomic desk chair should be fully adjustable. You’ll want to have a way to fiddle with the height and angle of every piece — from the headrest to the armrests.

(Alternatively, you can invest in adjustable desks and sacrifice a little on each seat’s height adjustments.)

Depending on which model you get, you’ll also want to make sure that padded portions can be removed and cleaned. While mesh and molded plastic may be easy to clean, they offer little to no support, and any ergonomic benefits are canceled out by the strain that these seats put on workers’ joints.

Find the Right Padding

There are plenty of different padding options, but not all of them are created equal. Some are easier to clean than others, and each option provides a different amount of support.

Need an Office Chair for Your Commercial Space?

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