Thinking Like a Lab Designer

Interior space designers often put comfort and design ahead of other concerns. But lab designers think differently. In lab design, comfort is certainly a consideration. After all, lab workers typically spend hours on end standing in one spot. But lab designers have many additional things to take into account when planning and furnishing a lab. More lab design resources: Hygiene Labs often need to be a sterile environment. Whether the lab is going to be used for experimentation, testing, or for long-term study, the furnishings need to be made of materials that can be easily sterilized. SEFA Compliant The Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association has set standards for lab furnishings that ensure quality, safety, and objective, third party inspections. Lab designers look for that SEFA compliant label when outfitting labs for things like casework, benches, flooring, fume hoods, and chairs. Onsite Consultation Availability Designing a lab can be complex. It helps if the lab furnishings provider is on hand to help make plans to configure the workspace for maximum efficiency, safety, and function. That’s why lab designers are so eager to work with lab furnishings providers that offer onsite consultation services. Interior Hinges In most labs, cleanliness is a top priority. Whenever possible, lab designers opt for cabinetry with unique interior hinges. That’s because these hinges are nearly impervious to airborne dust, bacteria, and debris from lab work. This is a huge benefit to lab cleaners and lab workers, and lab designers know it. Load Tests Before a lab designer will finalize any lab furnishings, they ensure that all casework and workbenches have been load tested. Scientific equipment is, quite often, exceedingly heavy. Standard cabinets and counters wouldn’t even begin to be able to withstand such loads, and would present a safety hazard. Lab designers always take into consideration the availability of load test results from independent, third-party testing organizations in order to cover existing and future lab equipment installation needs. For tables that are suited to house heavy equipment like mass spectrometers, liquid and gas chromatography, we can build your custom lab carts. As is evident, laboratory designers think differently because they need to. When quality, safety, and standards are important, it pays to work with a quality lab furnishings provider that understands those needs.

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