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types of welding
02.19.2021 | Sydney Cross

11 Types Of Welding

Welding is a metal joining technique (also used on thermoplastics) that uses high heat to melt and fuse base materials. In addition to melting the base material, welders also apply a melted filler which helps to bond the pieces together once cooled. Whereas other types of metal joining depend entirely on the filler ‘adhesive’ to

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welding table
02.05.2021 | Sydney Cross

What Is a Welding Table?

Welders use high heat tools to melt and bond metals and thermoplastics to create joints and seams that connect pieces of various components, accessories, machinery, etc. Because welding involves the use of incredibly high temperatures, the average workbench or table can’t handle the strain and could be burned or destroyed by the process, creating a

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