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designing a company office
03.02.2022 | Sydney Cross

Designing Your Company Office: A How-To Guide

Whether your company is just getting started and you’re looking to create the best office space for your employees as you can or you’ve been in business for a while and you’re looking to refresh your current office space, designing a company office space that is effective and comfortable for your employees is incredibly important.

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maple block table tops
12.16.2020 | Sydney Cross

Maple Block Tops: What to Know Before You Buy

Not many items commonly found in labs and industrial settings are considered ‘beautiful’, but maple block countertops can add that special touch that will warm any interior while providing a durable work surface that can last for years. While maple block may be an attractive option as a lab countertop, it isn’t appropriate in every

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Pros and Cons of Maple Block
12.04.2020 | Sydney Cross

The Pros and Cons of Maple Block Countertops

When it comes to commercial countertops, there are many popular options: formica, composites, stone or slate, for example. Wood is one of the most elegant, earthy, and practical. For businesses that need to consider appearance as well as functionality, butcher block countertops may be the answer, specifically maple block countertops. Here is what you should

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How to install maple block countertops
12.04.2020 | Sydney Cross

How to Install Maple Block Countertops

Because they are affordable, customizable, easy to clean, and long-lasting, butcher block countertops are becoming more and more popular. Butcher’s block is a style of assembled wood (often hard maple, teak, birch, or walnut) that is used as heavy-duty chopping blocks, tabletops, and cutting boards. Originally used primarily in butcher shops and meat processing plants,

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Cleaning Maple Block Countertops
11.25.2020 | Sydney Cross

How to Care for Maple Block Countertops

Maple block is a strong material that many people choose for their labs, workbenches, office settings, and other commercial facilities. When cared for properly, maple block is incredibly durable and adds a great aesthetic value to your facility. However, proper maintenance and cleaning are essential for keeping maple block countertops in excellent condition.  Here’s what

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