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10.16.2019 | Matthew Benson

Cleanroom Design

Many labs manufacture and create products and pharmaceuticals that require specific environmental conditions during production. Cleanroom design goes beyond simply creating a controlled environment for conducting lab work. Rather, cleanrooms are designed specifically to minimize the presence of foreign and unwanted particles during the experimentation and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. In this article, we will focus

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Laboratory Furniture, Fume Hoods, Design, Benches, Casework
10.16.2019 | Matthew Benson

Animal Research Lab Furniture and Design

OnePointe Solutions understands the importance in the animal research industry of quality furnishings that comply with industry standards. Most important, OnePointe Solutions’ furniture is all SEFA compliant to ensure the safety of staff, test subjects, and the lab itself. We offer complimentary on-site visits and 3D drawings with all quotes. Contact us to get an estimate on

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05.20.2018 | Matthew Benson

Creating Your Lab Layout

Look, accidents happen in the lab, that’s the whole point! Lab work and research are one of the few places where failure is actually encouraged. While trial and error are the cornerstones of scientific discovery and progress in general, really, it doesn’t bode well for your beautiful lab layout. Continued wear and tear from constant

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green laboratory
11.10.2017 | Matthew Benson

Sustainable Laboratory Design

Sustainability is a topic of conversation in lab design communities, with many laboratory managers feeling a particular need to focus in this direction. The unique needs and requirements of today’s modern lab can translate into a serious negative impact on the environment due to excessive electrical and water consumption. A LEED certified laboratory doesn’t come

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09.15.2017 | Matthew Benson

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Lab Furniture

The 3 Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Lab Furniture Lab furnishings heavily influence productivity. While planning your laboratory construction project, managers should take into account the three most important factors that will closely affect the productivity of the workers who will be using the lab. Primarily, these are flexibility, quality, and design. More

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09.08.2017 | Matthew Benson

How the Right Equipment Affects Laboratory Morale

Choosing the Right Lab Furniture Can Have a Huge Impact on Lab Staff Morale The right equipment and lab furnishings go a long way in improving workplace morale. Set them up for success by equipping them with furnishings that are designed for peak efficiency. Your workplace is your second home, and so when you are

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08.11.2017 | Matthew Benson

Thinking Like a Lab Designer

Interior space designers often put comfort and design ahead of other concerns. But lab designers think differently. In lab design, comfort is certainly a consideration. After all, lab workers typically spend hours on end standing in one spot. But lab designers have many additional things to take into account when planning and furnishing a lab.

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