Industrail furniture stations Industrail furniture stations

STEM Labs and Classrooms

We Are GSA and Public Education Approved Vendor

We understand that K12 and higher education purchasing can involve long timelines and a lot of documentation and approvals. We don't shy away from complex purchase orders that require a high degree of legal oversight and bid paperwork.

Built with Students in Mind

OnePointe Solutions installs flooring, lab tables, furniture, casework, fume hoods, and equipment that elevate school science laboratories and enhance researchers’ workflow. Our designers and craftsmen manufacture and build lab furniture and entire laboratories suitable for physics, chemistry, biology, microbiology, and engineering.

Get a Lab with a Higher IQ

Our goal is to provide the best quality learning and research spaces for the needs educators and students, while ensuring the project is well within budget and we are fully transparent, ethical, and cooperative with all contracts and requirements.

Here’s Our Proof

And We’ll Build Anywhere.

Our installers will ship and build projects anywhere in the US. From our designers, to our sales and project management staff, we effectively have representatives across all 50 states and offer complimentary on-sites for all large projects.

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(866) 612-7312

Let Us Build Your Perfect Classroom

Call us anytime at (866) 612-7312 for information on our US-made line of laboratory workstations. We can provide design, pricing, lead times, and configurations for lab benches and microscope tables.

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