How to Choose Seating for Your Lab

At OnePointe Solutions, we take the responsibility of furnishing your lab seriously, which is why we make a point to employ the latest in ergonomic seating technology for all of our laboratory seating options. Our laboratory seating is manufactured right here in the U.S.A., and every chair is made to order.

Meeting or exceeding BIFMA ANSI standards and always made using the highest quality materials, our chairs and stools are super durable and long-lasting. View our lab seating configurator app to easily build your ideal lab chair or stool.

The Importance of Ergonomic Seating

When you think of ergonomics, you might think first of cubicles and office settings, or coders working away at a computer. While office furniture is best when made to be ergonomic, there are other settings in which ergonomic seating is just as necessary.

The work conducted in laboratories often requires a lot of sitting, whether it be at a lab bench, a computer, at a hood, or elsewhere in the laboratory facility. 

Since lab personnel spend much of their time seated, having comfortable, ergonomic seating is of the utmost importance. Ergonomic seating is built to support the full-body, relieving pressure and tension and promoting healthy posture.

Ergonomic seating can make the workday more comfortable and more productive, helping personnel work without discomfort or pain. 

Laboratory Seating VS Office Seating

Office seating is chosen based primarily on comfort and aesthetic appearance. Soft cloths, foams, and plush materials are often included in office seating for added comfort, and the majority of office chairs have long arms for easy resting.

Laboratory seating, on the other hand, is chosen primarily based on safety and function. 

Certain soft, flammable materials are not safe for use in a laboratory setting, and others are simply not resistant enough to corrosive or harsh chemicals. Laboratory seating is also often designed to help users sit forward, relieving pressure on the lower back.

To promote healthy sitting habits, lab seating typically does not feature armrests, though shorter armrests are common for medical seating options. 

Lab seating must also be easy to clean, since chemical spills are relatively common in a lab setting, and contaminants and dust must be kept to a minimum. To help with ease of cleaning, OnePointe Solutions offers a range of cleanroom chairs made from easily sanitized chrome, vinyl, polyurethane, and other readily cleanable materials. 

How to Choose Laboratory Seating

You might think that laboratory seating would just come standard, but in reality, the choices are virtually endless when it comes to furnishing your lab. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect seating for your lab:

Consider Weight Limits

Not all chairs are created equal, and some do not have the same weight capacity as others. Since labs are diverse places run by diverse people, choosing chairs with relatively high weight limits will ensure all team members have a place to sit safely and comfortably. 

Remember Ergonomics

Some budget furniture companies may want you to believe that ergonomics don’t matter, but the comfort of your laboratory staff is more than just a luxury. When seated at lab casework or benches, proper seating that fully supports the whole body and relieves tension from the back can help personnel take fewer sick days, ensure team members preserve the health of their backs, and help maintain a certain level of productivity. 

Focus on Cleanliness

Being able to properly sanitize your lab seating is of the utmost importance. Choose lab chairs and stools made from easy to clean materials that won’t rust, corrode, tear, or degrade with extended use. Investing in high-quality materials right from the start can help you avoid problems with your lab seating a few years down the road. 

Choose a Moderate Size

Choosing a moderately sized lab chair or stool is a good way to guarantee you won’t regret the decision later. Large chairs might seem more comfortable, but in truth, they often just end up taking far too much space. Small chairs might seem modern and spacially economic, but your team will start to get frustrated at the minimal support. 

Types of Laboratory Seating

At OnePointe Solutions, we offer a full range of lab stools and chairs to furnish your facility. Our chairs are made of the highest quality materials, built to be ergonomic and comfortable, and last for years with proper maintenance and care. Here are some of the types of laboratory seating we offer: 

ESD Chairs and Stools

ESD chairs help dissipate static in environments that require shock-free furniture by including ESD vinyl and a metal chain that grounds the chair. This is the right choice if you are outfitting an electronics lab with ESD workstations.

We also offer ESD chairs for cleanrooms.

Cleanroom Chairs and Stools

Our line of cleanroom chairs and stools are made from high-quality materials certified for use in class 100 Cleanrooms. Easy to sanitize, long-lasting, and super durable, cleanroom chairs and stools also come in EDS varieties. 

Industrial Chairs and Stools

Designed to withstand extended use in industrial environments, our line of industrial chairs and stools is water-resistant and made to be easily washed. 

Stools with Backs

For team members that prefer a stool but want added lumbar support. Made from easy to clean vinyl and industrial-strength water-resistant materials, these stools are a great combination of comfort and functionality. 

Medical Chairs and Stools

Made from antibacterial materials, these chairs and stools are made to hold up against daily cleanings and sanitation in medical settings. Perfect for every corner of the healthcare industry, our medical chairs and stools are ergonomic, durable, and easy to clean. 

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