Our 7 Most Popular Table Configurations

So you’re ready to purchase a table for your scientific or industrial facility. Maybe you need just one to add to a room, or you need dozens to fill out a lab space or production floor.

Choosing the right lab bench configuration is the key to a productive and ergonomic work environment.

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People often overlook a few important questions they need to
ask before choosing a work station:

  • What is the maximum size I can fit in my building
    given the doorways and hallways?
  • Will I need to connect gas, power, plumbing, and
    data to the table?
  • Will this workbench needs to house just 1, or
    multiple people at a time?
  • What kinds of storage is adequate, and will I
    need flexible shelving?
  • What other accessories might I need as time goes

By keeping these questions in mind, you will be able to
choose the right workbench for your work area.

We’ve put together a list of our top 7 most popular table configurations to help you decide which bench will be right for your space:


  1. Proteus Tables
  2. Standard Welded Tables
  3. Custom Workbenches
  4. Packing Stations
  5. Anti-Vibration Tables
  6. Custom Mass Spec Benches
  7. ESD Workbenches

Note: This is not a ranking based on quality. All 10 of things configurations are built with precision and craftsmanship here in the USA. Our products are chemical grade and heavy-duty, perfect for labs and industrial environments. All are covered by our 10-year warranty.

Proteus Tables

The proteus (aka lab island) is a jack-of-all-trades workstation that can fit into a laboratory or industrial setting. The table frame has a cantilever-style countertop, mobile casters, and uprights. It functions like a lab island that is modular and easily maneuvered around your facility. The upright shelving and mounted casework, as well as the countertop, are height adjustable and click into place along steel slots.

Standard Welded Tables

The fully welded lab table is simple and sturdy. This no-frills model will last a very long time in even the most demanding lab environment. This model can fit easily into maker spaces and classrooms, as well as clinical testing and biochemistry labs.

Custom Workbenches

Our custom workbench is just as the name implies. Its flexible design allows for height adjustability and any accessory. Our workbenches are built to order and can include accessories such as LCD monitor arms, upright shelving, suspended casework, trash holes, power and data raceways, tool trolleys, organization bins, and mobile casters. This is your go-to model for industrial applications such as manufacturing plants and fulfillment centers. If you have a custom setup you are looking to build for a specific and detailed project, our designers would love to discuss your needs with you and build something completely custom for you.

Packing Stations

Our packing stations are a core component of our industrial suite of products. Ergonomic workflows and efficient movements of materials and packages are the goals of this flexible workstation. Utilize a full range of shelving, bins, and dimension options to create your optimal packing solution for manufacturing, production, warehouses, pick and pack, distribution, refrigeration, and fulfillment centers.

Anti-Vibration Tables

Anti-vibration tables are a core feature of analytical lab workflows. Precise instrumentation like microscopes, centrifuges, mass spectrometers, gas chromatograph, and HPLC machines require stable and vibration-proof workstations. Our anti-vibration tables come in standard and custom dimensions and can be made with custom accessories like vacuum pump enclosures, CPU mounts, and waste chutes as needed.

Custom Mass Spec Benches

Our custom instrument benches are one of our most popular solutions for analytical chemistry and biology. We partner with Sciex, Agilent, and Shimadzu, among others, to produce custom tables that match the features and dimensions of specific machines. Our custom mass spectroscopy and high-performance liquid chromatography benches are equipped with vacuum pump enclosure, sound dampening, modular shelving, and waste disposal mechanisms to ensure the longevity and optimal functioning of a given piece of lab equipment.

ESD Workbenches

ESD solutions are necessary when dealing with research, manufacture, or distribution of electronics. From consumer goods to elaborate research like nanotechnology, our ESD workbench is an excellent choice for static-proof environments. The laminate used will dissipate the charge, and our ESD chairs and seating are equipped with special vinyl and grounding mechanisms to ensure maximum safety and stability of the people, circuits, and equipment involved.

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