The Value in Buying American Lab Furniture

So often when you hear people talk about “buying American,” they are talking about supporting the American economy. There are a lot of social and economic reasons to buy American products.

Every purchase of an American product supports an American household–puts food on an American’s plate, sends an American child to summer camp. These are great messages that can really pull on your heartstrings, but there is more to the American product than that.

American made industrial and lab workbenches are custom-made, quality-made, and guaranteed to meet the very American demands that your company faces. The reality of the situation is that when you start comparing American products to overseas competitors, you aren’t looking at the same products.

Problems with Buying Overseas

Laboratory and industrial equipment manufactured overseas are commonly subject to a laundry list of fundamental problems in quality and durability. Here is a short list of the type of problems you may encounter:

    • It is difficult to find strong welded products outside of the United States. More often you will find equipment that needs to be bolted together, but these bolts loosen over time.
    • Just as the products need to be bolted together, the actual equipment needs to be put together. Often this means that your equipment will come in a box with 20 or more pieces, and one out of place piece could question the durability of the entire product.
    • Metal used in equipment and furniture is lighter and lower quality in many overseas facilities. This is done intentionally as a way to reduce shipping costs to the United States, but results in a more flimsy product.
    • It is generally not an option to customize equipment or furniture to a great extent since furnishings are pre-manufactured. This leaves you with minimal color options and old designs that aren’t always functional or practical for your business’s needs.

Advantage of American Laboratory Furnishings

Of course, one of the biggest differences you’ll find between shopping at home and trying to buy low-cost equipment overseas is in the customer service experience. Once they have your money and ship out your product, the transaction is done and they are done helping you—unless you plan to spend more money.

There is little follow-up and almost no accountability. When you shop US made merchandise, you know who you are dealing with and always know who you can call to find the customer service and support you need.

Buying American is about so much more than supporting American manufacturing. Buying American is the best way to support your own business practices by ensuring that you have the quality and support that your lab or industrial space needs to thrive.

Use Our 100% USA Made Laboratory Furniture

The US lab design specialists of OnePointe Solutions can help you build your ideal work environment. We manufacture all furniture in-house at our facility in Elgin, Texas, and align you with a dedicated laboratory account manager to craft your perfect set up.

Call (866) 612-7312 to get a quote on heavy duty american made lab furniture. We offer complimentary on-sites and detailed drawings with all price requests.

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