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The American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that offers construction education programs for construction owners, facility users, students, quality employees, and faculty. Through quality construction education programs and recognizing the importance of construction, the ACCE works to promote and continue post-secondary construction education programs in accredited educational institutions. 

Under the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), the ACCE is considered an accrediting agency that offers four-year bachelor’s degrees in construction science, construction management, and construction technology. Additionally, the ACCE offers two-year associate degree programs in the field of construction.  

History of the ACCE

The ACCE was founded in 1974 upon the belief that quality construction education programs are vital to construction and industry-related professional development. To meet its goals of promoting and supporting continued high-quality construction education, the ACCE offers construction education programs in colleges and universities.

The ACCE’s programs require certain standards, frequent evaluation, and other criteria. In addition, you may find ACCE educational programs within Educational Institutions, Industry Associations, and private companies. 

Mission & Purpose of the ACCE

The mission of the ACCE is to lead quality construction education through special industry-related programs. 

According to ACCE’s official website, its various purposes are as follows:

Why Educational Institutions Should Consider An ACCE Accreditation

For colleges and universities with construction programs, having an ACCE accreditation proves quite beneficial. Not only will the ACCE support continued high-quality construction education programs in accredited institutions, but it will also grant special educational opportunities for aspiring construction employees.

The ACCE provides hands-on involvement with its partnering institutions and sets rigorous standards and criteria. For ACCE, the most important facet of the construction industry is continued and improved post-secondary construction education at the highest quality.

Through a Professional Development Certification Program, the ACCE honors these providers through their commitment to ACCE standards and significant contributions to the construction industry:

Advantages of the ACCE

To understand the advantages of the ACCE for whom it serves, let’s break it down by group.

The Path to Obtaining An ACCE Accreditation

Interested in an ACCE accreditation? For Educational Institutions, Industry Associations, and private companies, obtaining an ACCE accreditation is entirely possible and encouraged. The ACCE offers a Professional Development Certification Program.

For institutions interested in ACCE accreditation, the ACCE President offers an application for official certification from the ACCE. 

Upon approval from the ACCE President, providers are then offered the ACCE certification standards and required to submit a Self-Evaluation Study. All Self-Evaluation Studies will be reviewed.

After a successful review, program providers will receive an official certificate and letter from the ACCE indicating that the program follows the ACCE’s certification criteria.

All issued ACCE certifications last for a period of three years. After the three-year certification, program providers will need to renew.

For more information about the ACCE certification application process and other required documents, visit the ACCE’s official website here.

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