Customize, Don’t Compromise

When it comes to workbenches, we work wonders, and we’re only one click away. We’ll customize the best custom workbench money can buy.

What good is a workbench if it isn’t tailored to fit your exact needs and specifications? That would essentially be as effective as that hand-me-down hoody from your big brother, which, in theory, should keep you from the cold weather that’s coming, but when that pullover is three sizes too big, it provides you with more problems than it prevents. Sure, you’re warmer, but the hood has swallowed your head like you will with that first plate of Thanksgiving dinner, and the sleeves are longer than that awkward conversation you’ll be forced to have with your estranged uncle after six cups of spiked eggnog.

If you wouldn’t want that oversized and over-worn hoody, which quite clearly isn’t up to par with your taste in high fashion and has three-too-many pockets, why would you settle for a mid-2000s model workbench that, although functional, isn’t tailor-made to your liking?

Don’t allow yourself to settle for “that’ll do,” especially when you’re workbench will be utilized in an educational setting. With OnePointe Solutions’ expansive selection of made-to-order workbenches, you and your students or staff will enjoy what it’s like to customize, not compromise.

Whatever your workbench needs may be, from general needs workbenches to adjustable workbenches to ESD (electrostatic dissipative) workbenches, OnePointe Solutions will hand-craft and customize your future workstation to a “T.”

We’re basically the Burger King of the workbench industry. You always have it your way. You want that school workbench to be built with durable, yet sleek stainless steel? Would you like to supersize that? Do you require a rolling workbench that’s jam-packed with customizable cabinets to contain the materials students so often lose track of? Can I interest you in an oak wood surface guaranteed to separate your science department from other schools? Can the competition’s computer workbenches hold multiple monitors to manage your many ongoing projects? No? OnePointe Solutions’ completely and entirely customizable computer workbenches will ensure that your computer workstation ergonomics are the most efficient in the industry. Will that complete your order? Do you need that to go?

Although we’re located in the heart of Texas, from coast to coast, OnePointe Solutions will come to you for the most unique and cost-efficient customization on the market.

You have precise workshop bench plans and you certainly wouldn’t try to fulfill them by going to Craigslist and searching “workbenches for sale,” so why would you shop with anyone other than OnePointe Solutions.

Questions? Concerns? Want to start today? Get in touch. 866.612.7312

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