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Lab layout
05.20.2018 | Don Carlson

When to Invest in New Laboratory Furniture

Look, accidents happen in the lab, that’s the whole point! Lab work and research are one of the few places where failure is actually encouraged. While trial and error are the cornerstones of scientific discovery and just progress in general, really, it doesn’t bode well for your beautiful lab layout. The Use of Bench Protectors

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dental office design
05.02.2018 | Don Carlson

We Build Custom Dentist Offices People Actually Want To Visit

People think the dentist’s office was invented by sadists. To them — kids and adults alike — dentist offices only exist to perform uncomfortable experiments on living subjects. “Think about it! Why else do they always insist on putting us under and give us shots? Cavities. Root canals. Wisdom Teeth. Gum disease. Just excuses to

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