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clinic labs
11.14.2018 | Matthew Benson

Medical Clinic Labs

The lab designers at OnePointe Solutions create and build ergonomic and cost-effective workbenches, tables, casework, and layouts for clinical and pharmacy spaces across the US. Call us if you need help designing and outfitting a clinic. Probably the only thing guaranteed in life is that things will go wrong. One of the biggest things to

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09.24.2018 | Matthew Benson

Lab Casework – Furniture That Never Clocks Out

When it’s time to get down to business, you want seating (and all your furniture), to meet a certain benchmark. Comfort, ergonomics, special features, and durability that deliver a good ROI are all critical factors when choosing lab casework and workstations. You’ll seldom find lasting quality “off-the-rack” in big box stores, and often the best,

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stainless steel lab tables
08.28.2018 | Matthew Benson

Stainless Steel Info

While we continue pursuing our passions in craftsmanship, designing stainless steel lab tables, lab countertops, ESD workbenches, and a bevy of other customizable lab furniture, our clientele counterparts enjoy the fruits of our labor making brilliant discoveries in all kinds of laboratory settings. While some people don’t believe in investing in proper equipment, we have

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05.20.2018 | Matthew Benson

Creating Your Lab Layout

Look, accidents happen in the lab, that’s the whole point! Lab work and research are one of the few places where failure is actually encouraged. While trial and error are the cornerstones of scientific discovery and progress in general, really, it doesn’t bode well for your beautiful lab layout. Continued wear and tear from constant

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dental office design
05.02.2018 | Matthew Benson

We Build Custom Dentist Offices People Actually Want To Visit

We’re here to make dental office design, including the workstations, seating, and storage fun again. More dental lab resources: Dental Labs Are a Growing Industry Our Custom Manufactured Line of Dental Lab Furniture Dental Office Design Services But have no fear, dental conspiracy theorists. Dentist offices are not operated by a secret government program tasked

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lab install
11.17.2017 | Matthew Benson

Why Clients Choose OnePointe Solutions’ Install Team

Once you have ordered with our company, you are assigned a project manager to help with every detail of the process, from start to finish. Our project manager is trained in all areas of installation, from logistics to assembly of product. Our project manager also coordinates with any other trades involved with your project and provides any support that you might need in your installation.

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workspace design
10.27.2017 | Matthew Benson

Supporting Safety and Protection in Your Work Space

Industrial work spaces and labs typically contain a myriad assortment of hazardous materials. There are also situations and processes that pose risks, including chemical processes, excessive heat or cold, transference of fragile containers and materials, controlled viruses, and even the presence of lab animals. Safety and protection of the environment and workers must take precedence

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