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Steel Steel

Laboratory Grade Stainless Steel

Made in the USA

Stainless steel is the go-to surface material for cleanroom, pathology labs, medical research centers, food processing facilities, and any production applications where cleanliness and biosafety are concerns. Our high-grade stainless steel is always made in the USA, protected by our warranty, and available in any standard or custom dimensions. Call us at 866-612-7312 for a quote on exact specifications, or a "from scratch" design.

Safe and Aesthetically Pleasing

Stainless steel outshines the competition for keeping it clean. It’s installed with no surface coating that is liable to promote unwanted bacteria and fungi growth in sensitive settings, like office, lab or kitchen. It’ll also stand up to a thorough cleaning and disinfecting. No muss, no rust.

Durable Laboratory Grade Surfaces

All are U.S. built, and third-party tested for strength and durability. We typically use 304 Stainless Steel with a grained finish that hides small scratches and blemishes, but will work with your specific requirements. We can provide certifications of steel content and performance if needed for your application.

We Welcome Custom Projects

While we can build exactly to specification, we are always happy to design custom furniture as well. Whether you have detailed requirements you need to meet, or need help turning a concept into reality, let us get you the quote you need.

And We'll Build Anywhere.

From coast to coast, we'll come to you and build the custom lab design you need to make a better, safer world a reality. Our salaried install team is the life force of our business, traveling to any time zone to set in place turnkey solutions perfectly on schedule and error free.

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