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Steel Steel

Buy Stainless Steel Cabinets for Your Laboratory

It provides instant elegance and strength to any enterprise, from medical, dental, and industrial applications, to clean rooms, labs, and kitchens. It’s a classic surface that never goes out of style. (As it resists corrosion, it’s a good choice where spills are a risk).

Keep it Spotless

Stainless steel outshines the competition for keeping it clean. It’s pristine, but not prudish. It’s installed naked, (not the installers!), with no surface coating that is liable to promote unwanted bacteria and fungi growth in sensitive settings, like office, lab or kitchen. It’ll also stand up to a thorough cleaning and disinfecting. No muss, no rust.


We supply custom steel products including stainless cabinets and casework, tables, and workbenches, that are workhorses. All are U.S. built, and third-party tested for strength and durability. We typically use *304 Stainless Steel with a grained finish that hides small scratches and blemishes, but will work with your specific requirements.

* We can provide certifications of steel content and performance if needed for your application.

Big Red "S"

There’s a reason why Superman is the man of Steel. Not granite, not quartz, wood, or concrete. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive…

OnePointe helps you accomplish your Mission on Earth, from gourmet cooking, to improving our global water supply. Become the Superhero you are meant to be.

And We'll Build Anywhere.

From coast to coast, we'll come to you and build the custom lab design you need to make a better, safer world a reality.

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