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While we continue pursuing our passions in craftsmanship, designing stainless steel lab tables, lab countertops, ESD workbenches, and a bevy of other customizable lab furniture, our clientele counterparts enjoy the fruits of our labor making brilliant discoveries in all kinds of laboratory settings.

While some people don’t believe in investing in proper equipment, we have found that some of the most successful professionals in the field require the most durable, versatile, sterile, and cost-efficient stainless steel options available. Whether it be for utilization in an academic or scientific setting, OnePointe Solutions has made it an objective to deliver the highest quality equipment and industrial furniture to further contribute to expansions in science.  

Serving Clients Nationwide

Although we’re located in Central Texas, OnePointe Solutions has become a national name behind our willingness to work with customers across the entire country. From California to Connecticut, OnePointe Solutions will come to you to customize and install stainless steel lab equipment that meets your exact needs and specifications.

The range of customization you can implement with stainless steel products is largely why it has become the go-to lab furniture option for the scientific and academic communities, but the benefits extend far beyond its built-for-any-need customizability.

For example, stainless steel stands the test of time as the most durable lab furniture on the market. Unlike the everyday wear and tear that works away at wood and other alternatives, stainless steel is extremely difficult to damage or dent.

Our lab furniture has been third-party tested to ensure strength and durability. Furthermore, despite that undeniable durability, OnePointe Solutions science laboratory tables, industrial tables, and custom workbenches — among a variety of other options — retain a highly aesthetically pleasing design, which is largely due to the stainless steel, itself.

An invisible layer of chromium oxide makes it stain and corrosion resistant — hence the name stainless steel — and courtesy of its considerable chemical resistance, most organic chemicals, heat, solvents, biological stains, most salts, and some acids and bases are no issue for whatever crazy concoctions you choose to cook up.

The rare event that the stainless steel does suffer some semblance of damage from any of the above, the alloy nature of stainless steel allows it to become self-healing when activated by oxygen, which is an essential ingredient in why stainless steel is such a durable option.

Not to mention, in an environment in which cleanliness stands next to godliness, stainless steel is tremendously sterile and easy to clean. Stainless steel features a non-porous surface, which means no bacteria, fungus, mold, or liquid can penetrate it, and as far as that surface is concerned, stainless steel can be cleaned multiple times per day without any damaging effects.

For any working academic lab or scientific setting, the benefits of stainless steel are seemingly endless and better yet, the same can be said for how precisely customizable OnePointe Solutions can craft that stainless steel to make your lab the best it’s ever been.

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