The Next Einstein Could Be In Your Classroom

In the wise words of University of Rochester department of Physics and Astronomy professor, Frank L.H. Wolfs, “The laboratory is not a contest whose object is to get the ‘right answer.’ The purpose is to learn how to gain knowledge by looking at reality, not an attempt to make reality conform to preconceptions.”

And that’s how we feel every science classroom lab design should be approached. 

The State of Education in US

Throughout the United States, alone, there are upwards of 75 million students currently attending grade school, and at one point or another, essentially every single one of them will step foot inside of an educational lab. However, it would be doing those students an egregious disservice to provide them with a learning space and science lab design that’s anything less than the standard we have set at OnePointe Solutions.

At OnePointe Solutions, we’re renowned and respected as the leading custom lab furniture supplier, and manufacturer of industrial workbenches in the entire U.S., and our premier products can be found in dental labs, food labs, and medical labs across the country.

But bearing in mind that today’s youth is tomorrow’s future, we’re especially proud of our expertise in crafting high school science lab furniture. And of course, much like all of our products, our state-of-the-art school laboratory furniture can be completely customizable and catered to the needs of your specific scientific community, whether it be a need for entirely new casework, student lab tables, and chairs.

When to Replace Science Classroom Furniture

It may just be time to invest in modern, more functional laboratory fume hoods, or, of course, the safety glasses cabinet in your classrooms that are now replicable to the lost and found and your local ophthalmologists office.

In a world in which the learning experience has, unfortunately, become increasingly hands-off, we at OnePointe Solutions remain driven to bring the hands-on educational environment back by bringing the best-built school laboratory furniture to a community near you.

Speak to Representative for School Lab Furniture

For an ever-evolving scientific community, which adapts and advances at a never-ending pace, seeing may be believing, but actually doing is achieving, so when the time comes for today’s youth to become tomorrow’s future, OnePointe Solutions is here to help provide them the superior science lab design to do exactly that with educational lab equipment tailor-made for your needs.

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