Popular Configurations:

Heavy Duty Lab Table

Lab Table W/ Suspended Drawers

Lab Table W/ Mobile Cabinet

Lab Table W/ Built-in Drawers and Cabinets

Lab Table W/ Full Lower Shelf

Lab Table W/ Upright Shelves

Lab Table W/ Upright Shelves and Cabinet

Laboratory Flex System

“Proteus” Flexible System

Custom Solutions Available

The right laboratory tables can make your lab a better organized, more efficient place to work. OnePointe Solutions offers lab tables in many different configurations and colors to fit your space and preferences.

Whether you need a heavy duty lab table or if you need to add upright shelves for more storage to a smaller space, we have the right table for your lab. You can configure your table anyway you like, but we certainly have our own recommendations. Our collection of laboratory tables for sale also includes flexible systems to keep giving you more options even after your lab table arrives.

Made with quality and durability in mind, our laboratory tables are SEFA compliant and independently tested to ensure that they can work well under pressure (or weight, or chemical spills). Along with several different lab table configurations to choose from in a wide range of popular colors, we also offer your choice of top options: Epoxy, Phenolic, Stainless Steel, High-Density Polyurethane and Maple Block. And you can also choose from our different foot options for your lab tables, whether you need levelers or casters.

With so many ways to customize your lab tables, you might want to look at some examples of how other facilities have used our products. View our Project Gallery for ideas and inspiration. Or if you’re ready to order your own laboratory table or tables, contact us today for a quote.

Popular Color Options:

Light Grey

Gentian Blue


Window Grey

Oyster White

Jett Black

Papyrus White

Basalt Grey

Top Options:



Stainless Steel

High-Density Polyethylene

Maple Block

Foot Options:

Standard Leveler

Standard Caster

Leveling Caster

Anti-Vibration Leveler

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