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Our specialized anti-vibration frames are sturdy and can house general instrumentation, microscopes, electron microscopes, optical microscopes, scanning probe microscopes, and more. We make specific table tops so microscope users can easily reach knobs and dials.

Eye strain and posture problems are top concerns when we’re asked to build new microscope tables. Let us know the model number of your microscopes and we will align the dimensions with floor to top of microscope distance so multiple people can comfortably use the workstation at once.

If you are a reseller or equipment manufacturer and would like a custom lab tables to sell along with equipment, we are happy to discuss a partnership.

Custom Microscope Lab Tables

Every lab is different; even those that perform the same kind of work as other labs will have their own unique challenges and circumstances. Two labs performing microscopy research will likely have completely different layouts, requirements, and space allowances, which is why each and every lab needs its own custom solution.

At OnePointe Solutions, we design, build and install microscope lab tables tailored to fit the unique needs of your lab.

The Intricacies of Microscopy

The field of microscopy is also highly diverse, and while one researcher might find one configuration most optimal, another might find that it hinders the success of their work. Microscopy deals with the examination of objects too small to be examined with the naked eye, meaning that researchers in this field rely almost entirely on the proper functioning of their equipment.

This requires microscope tables to be sturdy and vibration-free to accommodate for the delicate task of examining microscopic objects.

Find the Right Microscope Workstation

Without a proper microscope table, performing research and observing results becomes far more difficult. Our tables come fully customizable with a range of optional features and accessories so you can create a solution tailored to your unique needs.

Choose size, configuration, surface material, and as many or as few accessories as you need. Simply share your needs with our team and we will build your microscope tables to your exact specifications.

Anti-Vibration Features

In microscopy, deriving accurate results requires a high degree of concentration and accuracy. In many laboratory settings, heavy machinery and equipment is running throughout the day and personnel are constantly moving between stations.

The resulting vibrations can cause mistakes, reduce result accuracy, and increase the challenges associated with microscopy.

Because the field of microscopy deals with items and samples too small to be examined by the naked eye, even small vibrations can reduce visibility and impact results. To prevent research disturbance, our microscope tables at OnePointe Solutions are made with extra sturdy anti-vibration frames.

These specialty tables reduce the effects of environmental vibrations and help to stabilize both microscope and sample.

Custom Configurations for Comfort and Convenience

One of the keys to our success at OnePointe Solutions is our dedication to providing our clients with solutions that are tailor-made to perfectly fit their requirements. No two labs are quite the same, and while you may be able to create reasonable results with generic table options, having your furniture custom-designed for your specific space, casework, and storage needs will ensure no square footage is being wasted.

Custom configurations are available not for the convenience of your facility, but for the comfort of your personnel. Ergonomically designed and optimized to prevent eye-strain and poor posture, our microscope tables are specifically designed based on the measurements of your particular microscopes.

We carefully measure and align our microscope tables and accessories so people of a variety of heights can comfortably sit at and use each microscope table. Additionally, our microscope tables house a number of microscope types including electron microscopes, general microscopes, optical microscopes, and so on.

Choose from standard rectangular topped tables, microscope tables with ergonomic cutouts, tables designed for use by multiple technicians at once, or individual microscope tables for independent research. No matter whether you need a microscope table for a government lab, a private research facility, or an educational setting, OnePointe Solutions can create the perfect option for your needs.

Microscope Workbench Tabletop Materials

Like in other laboratory settings, microscopy labs often handle a variety of toxic or hazardous materials. Because of this, microscope tables should be designed to withstand exposure to a variety of materials and should be resistant to heat, water, corrosive chemicals, and so on. Many microscopy labs also handle samples of infectious diseases, bacteria, and viruses, and must be able to adequately sanitize tabletops to prevent contamination and other health risks.

When you choose to have your microscope tables designed by OnePointe Solutions, we offer the choice of a number of premium tabletop materials including:

  • Epoxy resin
  • Phenolic resin
  • Solid surface
  • Stainless steel
  • Maple block
  • HDPE

Microscope Table Accessories

Though we offer simple standard microscope table solutions, one of the perks of having your tables designed by OnePointe Solutions is the massive array of optional accessories. Designed to improve productivity, increase storage, and increase the versatility of your microscope benches, here are some of the optional accessories and add-ons available with OnePointe Solutions:

  • Manual or automatic adjustable controls for increased versatility and to accommodate researchers of different heights
  • Overhead LED lights to increase visibility
  • Foot rests for additional ergonomics and personnel comfort
  • Rolling and locking casters for easy moving and relocating of equipment
  • Drawers and modular shelving for additional storage and organization
  • LCD monitor arms and computer mounts for easy access to computers and vital data recording software
  • Mounted plug strips for additional power sources
  • Edge rails to prevent samples and equipment from sliding or dropping off table edges

Recent Configurations

Need more than just lab tables? We provide lab countertops, cabinetry, fume hoods, chairs, and full lab design services.

Contact us for designs, pricing, lead times, and configurations for science classroom tables and mass spec benches.


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