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You find yourself perusing through the school hallways when one class, in particular, strikes your interest. It’s empty, as is every classroom 30 minutes after the buses arrive in bulk to chauffeur students back home, but this one looks a little different than the rest. 

It’s as if the student’s and teacher failed to store supplies following the day’s final bell. But then reality hits home, and it packs a powerful punch — those ‘supplies’ are a random assortment of student lab tables, funnels, microscopes, a safety glasses cabinet, and stethoscopes scattered about an assortment of school laboratory furniture, and this otherwise hardly unordinary classroom is, in fact, the school’s science lab design.

The State of School Lab Design

Outdated is just one of the many adjectives that come to mind, and the outcome is a clear and obvious realization that your school laboratory furniture is falling quite far behind the modern 21st-century science standards. The teachers are accredited, certainly, and the curriculum has been updated as often as needed, but the equipment?

Not so much — That empty classroom hardly hints at a proper science lab design, and your school is far from the exception.

“Rhode Island’s school buildings are not equipped to train young people for the jobs of the 21st century,” said state Treasurer Seth Magaziner. “Our science labs are Exhibit A.”

How to Increase STEM Success

According to the Association for Science Education (ASE), a quality science curriculum and science lab design is essential for a number of reasons. They make students think beyond the classroom. They increase awareness of students’ impact on the environment.

They develop logical reasoning, problem-solving, and analytical skills. They inspire curiosity and wonder about the world.

In short, science is essential, but in K-12 classrooms across the country, the settings in which this science is taught largely lacks the updated equipment required to teach adequately, and far more notably, for the students to learn entirely.

The Value of Quality Lab Furniture

This begins with school laboratory furniture, and to that end, we at OnePointe Solutions are happy to help as we not only understand but embrace the next generation of science.

A modern science lab design should invoke inspiration and inventiveness in the young minds that occupy it, but far too often, that’s not the case. Bearing in mind that today’s youth is tomorrow’s future, we at OnePointe Solutions are offering a helping hand and presenting affordable, first-rate school laboratory furniture with which to outfit your school’s science lab.

From top to bottom, OnePointe Solutions will hand-craft completely customizable high school laboratory furniture to fit your exact needs, and furthermore, the needs of the students. Are your student lab tables lacking adequate to both, test and take notes? Is your laboratory fume hood failing to filter the fumes it was designed to draw out of the room? Is your 20-year-old safety glasses cabinet now unusable, and thus, forcing storage to some drawer in some also-outdated casework?

We at OnePointe Solutions want to help.

Whatever your science lab needs may be, we will furnish it, and furthermore, we will come to you, regardless of where in the country your science lab is located. From the air we breathe to the food we eat to the machines we use, science is quite literally all around us, and it’s only going to continue to evolve further in the near future.

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