Electro static dissipative (ESD) workstations are a must for workplaces where ESD sensitive components need to be protected from static. Regardless if the static is from the worker’s own body or from electrically charged devices located on or near the workstation. OnePointe Solutions offers ESD workbenches that provide the highest level of protection for your most static-sensitive devices.

We know that properly designing and installing an industrial ESD workstation takes more than just adding a static dissipative mat or ESD laminate work surface to a regular workstation. Because we design our products around your specific needs, we offer expertly crafted ESD workbenches with ground paths for key components of the workstation, as well as a connection point for personnel grounding gear, so you can maintain a static-free work environment.

Our products are made in the USA, which helps us guarantee shorter lead times and maintain a elevated level of quality and craftsmanship in every OnePointe Solutions ESD workstation. Our products are also independently tested to ensure that they live up to our high expectations of quality — and yours.

A OnePointe Solutions ESD workstation provides a durable workspace that help ensures that sensitive components of your facility can function efficiently and without interference. Contact us today to find out more about our ESD workbenches or other products and to tell us about your needs.

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