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All invoices shall be paid within approved payment terms with OnePointe Solutions after shipment.If Purchaser fails to pay any invoice when due or if, in the judgement of OnePointe Solutions, the financial condition of Purchaser at any time prior to shipment does not justify the extension of credit, then OnePointe Solutions may require payment in advance or otherwise modify the payment terms upon notice to Purchaser.All delays occasioned by acts of Purchaser shall be at the expense of Purchaser. OnePointe Solutions reserves the right to assess reasonable charges for its expenses resulting from such delays. All shipments shall be separately invoiced and paid for without regard to subsequent deliveries. Interest at the rate of 18% annually or at the highest rate allowed by law, whichever is less, shall be charged to all overdue accounts. Purchaser will reimburse OnePointe Solutions for all costs and expenses (including attorneys' fees and the costs of bringing any action) incurred in collecting any amounts past due.

Additional credit information may be required, such as D-U-N-S number, trade references and bank information when requested for determination of credit establishment with OnePointe Solutions. If additional information is requested, OnePointe Solutions Finance Department will contact individual who completed the form.

By submitting of this form, you agree that you are authorized by your company to obtain a line of credit and are authorizing OnePointe Solutions to obtain any and all necessary credit / financial information to determine credit worthiness. Upon determination of a line of credit, if any, the authorizing party will be notified via email with payment terms and credit line established for your account.

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