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Case Study #2

Lab Furniture Requested: Flex System

Project Summary: This customer is a previous customer of mine that recently moved to a new company. He understood that he could bring an idea to the table and we could design a solution. He was looking for a design that offered the ability to add services and electrical outlets in the future while and allowing for mobile and fixed cabinet solutions beneath. Although our flex system is designed around the mobile cabinet configurations, we provided a custom design with fixed suspended cabinets on a couple of the units he purchased.

Flex System Custom Install

Project Challenges: The flex system was not fully prototyped to this point and required testing and pre-build in the warehouse prior to shipping. We also offered a complimentary install to gain feedback and understand how this product will install in the field. ….

Design Summary: Being a custom furniture manufacturer…when we had an opportunity to deliver for a customer that was having trouble getting their project finalized from a struggling industry competitor we jumped on the opportunity. The design requirements were very strict and involved using other components that were very different from our normal design processes. The product was designed, prototyped, manufactured and installed all within a six-week time frame.

Installation Summary: Caribou ordered our new flex system with mobile cabinets. We sent two of our best installers to complete the mission in Berkeley California. Our installers arrived from Austin early that morning to set up their tools and get prepared to unload the truck. This location could not receive a 53’ truck so our installers needed to be ready for two small deliveries. They unloaded the trucks and began staging the unloading area. The flex system uprights went up quickly. Once the flex systems were level, we installed the countertops. Mobile cabinets were then positioned underneath the flex systems for mobile storage. In the end the project looked terrific and our customer was ecstatic.

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