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Case Study #3

Lab Furniture Requested: Lab Design, Casework, Lab Tables, Fume Hoods

Project Summary: New construction building, the building for this project was originally a farm house that was converted into (8) working labs. Location had no loading dock or paved road/driveway, walls weren’t up yet, customer required on-site prior to quoting project and install date was scheduled for July 2016. During on-site with customer Sales executive & designer were able to measure labs and discuss lab needs with each department lab since they had different needs/wants. Customer informed rep that due to the size of project & over budget, (3) quotes were required. Only (1) other company was able to go on-site & provide pricing. However, OPS won due to lead time, lab design & customer service.

Lab design lab table

Project Challenges: Out-bid (2) other companies, design layout for (8) labs, delivery/install date. ADM is a global food processing company with specific requirements to become a vendor. Operations had to provide Safety & Health guidelines, COI, Contractor forms, etc. Wall measurements kept changing due to lab needs. No loading dock or trash dumpster for trash & debris.

Design Summary: Design custom casework, each lab had different requirements & needs. Plumbing & electrical were not complete during on-site

Installation Summary: Lead installer & team arrived on-site and ready to work. All (8) labs were installed within 2 days. OPS scheduled pallet jack, fork lift & trash bin to be on-site. Install was completed 1 day early.

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