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03.25.2020 | Matthew Benson

Our 7 Most Popular Table Configurations

So you’re ready to purchase a table for your scientific or industrial facility. Maybe you need just one to add to a room, or you need dozens to fill out a lab space or production floor. Choosing the right lab bench configuration is the key to a productive and ergonomic work environment. More lab design

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03.24.2020 | Matthew Benson

Volatile Organic Compound Testing: An Overview

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are a group of chemicals that evaporate easily in either liquid or solid form when at room temperature. Occurring both as natural compounds or as man-made compounds, VOCs can be found in many common household and industrial products. Some common examples of VOCs include methane and acetone and may be found

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03.24.2020 | Matthew Benson

Most Common Acids Used in Wet Labs

Wet labs perform liquid sample research, testing chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, biological materials and more. During the course of testing, wet lab researchers often use corrosive materials and chemicals like acids. Because of this, wet labs must be designed with the use of corrosive materials in mind. Surfaces, tools, equipment, personnel safety gear, and anything corrosive

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03.23.2020 | Matthew Benson

How to Choose Furniture for a Wet Lab

Regardless of the type of lab you are designing, choosing furniture can be a make-or-break step that can dictate the future success of your facility. In wet labs, special consideration must be taken in regards to the water-resistance of all furniture, resistance to bacterial buildup, and ability to withstand regular cleanings and exposure to chemicals. 

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03.19.2020 | Matthew Benson

Types of Industrial Facilities

At OnePointe Solutions, we design, build and install custom industrial furniture for clients in a wide range of industries from the world of medicine to consumer product and food testing. Our design and furniture recommendations are largely informed by the type of industrial building your company is housed in, as each has its own unique

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03.18.2020 | Matthew Benson

Pharmaceutical Lab Furniture

Pharmaceutical labs perform vital testing and research on thousands of life-saving drugs annually, helping to advance the capabilities of modern medicine and medical treatment for the benefit of billions of people worldwide. Part of running a successful pharmaceutical chemistry lab is designing around equipment and furniture with efficiency in mind. At OnePointe Solutions, we specialize

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03.17.2020 | Matthew Benson

Lab Cabinets: Know Before You Buy

If you are selecting lab cabinets, you are likely in the midst of learning or reacquainting yourself with all there is to know about the necessary components of a lab. In your search, you will come across recommendations for different types of laboratory casework, along with a variety of other laboratory furniture and equipment. At

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03.16.2020 | Matthew Benson

How to Choose a Lab Bench Work Surface Material

Different types of labs require different work surface materials for laboratory workbenches. The 7 most commonly used countertop materials for scientific or industrial use are epoxy resin, phenolic resin, stainless steel, maple block (aka butcher block or wood block), solid surface, HDPE, and ESD laminate. Due to the use of caustic reagents and complex instrumentation,

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03.13.2020 | Matthew Benson

How to Select Casework for Your Lab

If you are in the market for custom laboratory casework, you have found the right place. At OnePointe Solutions, we have been helping our customers design and furnish some of the nation’s best labs for more than a decade. We know all the ins and outs of laboratory casework and have encountered every type of

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