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04.28.2020 | Matthew Benson

En Espanol: Construyendo un Laboratorio de Cannabis

Contenido: Entendiendo la Legalidad Reclutando el Talento La Cadena de Suministros de la Industria del Cannabis Equipo de Laboratorio de la Industria del Cannabis Construyendo un Espacio de Laboratorio Adecuado As the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana spreads across the country, the cannabis industry continues to grow as a result. Sales of marijuana are

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04.15.2020 | Matthew Benson

How to Choose the Right Prison Furniture

At OnePointe Solutions, we specialize in designing, building, and installing custom furniture solutions made to fit the exact needs and specifications of our clients. No matter the scale or scope of your project, our team can create cutting edge solutions to your most complex design problems. Now present in countless laboratories and facilities across the

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04.09.2020 | Matthew Benson

Materials Science Lab Design

Though the general public may not realize it, there are materials that exist in the world that have yet to be discovered. Material science and engineering deal with the research, discovery, and creation of new materials by incorporating elements of physics, chemistry, and engineering. The discovery of new materials could help to uncover solutions to

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04.08.2020 | Matthew Benson

Metallurgy Lab Design

Metals are used in virtually every type of product, from consumer goods like basic kitchen supplies or children’s toys to industrial machinery, medical equipment, electronics, and more. Before use in manufacturing, metallic elements go through a series of tests to assess and analyze their physical and chemical properties.  Since metallurgy is a multidisciplinary science, metallurgical

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04.07.2020 | Matthew Benson

Refinery Laboratory Design

Oil and gas refinery laboratories manage the testing of crude oil, gases & fuels, petrochemicals, and a variety of other petroleum industry products/materials. Due to the highly flammable nature of petroleum products, refinery labs must be designed with the utmost caution and care. Oil and gas refinery lab design can be an extremely complex and

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04.06.2020 | Matthew Benson

Agricultural and Seed Laboratory Design

Agricultural and seed laboratories measure seed characteristics for the purposes of improving best known agricultural practices. Seed labs test seeds for factors like germination viability, genetic purity, seed safety, herbicide tolerance, and more. Agricultural labs also help to prevent the accidental importation of non-native or invasive species. The vital research performed in agricultural and seed

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04.03.2020 | Matthew Benson

Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Lab Design

Soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering involve the study and analysis of natural materials, specifically soil, manure, plant tissue, and water. Soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering labs typically perform testing for the purposes of determining soil health and fertility, water quality, soil mix quality, agricultural viability, and so forth. These facilities are often called on by

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04.02.2020 | Matthew Benson

Oncolytic Adenovirus: A Cutting Edge Form of Cancer Treatment

More than 100 types of cancer exist, and while some have become readily treatable in the last few decades, many remain resistant to traditional treatment methods. Cancer cells are particularly tricky to fight due to their fast growth and mutating abilities. Certain cancers pose further challenges due to location or early resistance to treatment, often

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