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Phenolic Resin

Phenolic Resin Countertops

Phenolic Resin Countertops

Phenolic Resin Laboratory Surface

Phenolic Resin Laboratory Surface

Selecting the right material for laboratory worktops and laboratory furniture is of crucial importance in an environment where tests and experiments must not be contaminated. Phenolic resin tables and phenolic resin countertops are a great choice for these environments.

Hygiene, cleanliness, chemical and stain resistance are key requirements within the lab environment. Worktops in laboratories are especially vulnerable. Phenolic Resin is chemical resistant, hygienic, easy to clean and maintain, durable and flexible.

Phenolic Resin Countertops and table tops meet the requirements of most laboratories while at the same time bringing a range of additional benefits. These benefits include chemical, wear and water resistance.

Epoxy Countertops

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Custom Workbenches
No matter the project we can provide a custom workbench solution to meet your exact specification. Give us a call and start designing your custom workbench today! Read More About Custom Workbenches »
Packing Stations
Packing Stations are a great way to increase your companies overall productivity, efficiency and employee morale. This is accomplished by provide a packing station built around your needs. Each application is different, some may need more space saving design and accessories while others are looking for a packing station designed to change around particular shifts. Packing stations are often overlooked but serve a very important role as they are usually the last point of contact your company has with the product you provide. Read More About Packing Stations »
ESD Workbench
ESD workbenches are a great solution for companies looking to protect their products from being damaged by static discharge. Features of the ESD workbenches include quality ESD laminate, banana jacks installed in the front legs for wrist straps and a grounding wire to ensure proper flow of static discharges. We also provide all the accessories that go on your ESD workbench. Items include ESD wriststraps, ESD heel straps, ESD fatigue mats and ESD flooring. Read More about ESD Workbenches »
Stainless Steel
OnePointe Solutions is able to offer several different stainless steel options. We provide stainless steel tables designed to meet the specific application of our clients. All tables are NSF approved for single and multiple use which allows tables to be placed side to side. From the basic stainless steel table to designing a full custom stainless steel solution call us today! Read More about Stainless Steel Tables »
Material Handling
Cleanroom, electric and healthcare industries need a quality product at a great price and we can accomplish both. The cleanroom tables are available with solid or perforated tops and a brushed or electropolished finish. All cleanroom workbenches are made with 14 gauge stainless steel and all cleanroom tables are alcohol wiped and bagged before shipping and are NSF approved.
Ready to Ship
OnePointe Solutions offers several different ready to ship workbench solutions. From your standard workbench to a fully loaded workbench we can deliver quickly with most of these workbenches being shipped out next day. Read More »
LAN Stations
We offer a variety of LAN stations, with fully adjustable upper and lower pullout shelves strong enough to hold all your equipment. You can add or remove accessories to create your ideal LAN station. Tell us what you need and we will deliver your fully customized design. Read More About LAN Stations »
Microscope Tables
Our microscope tables are designed and built to meet your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a basic microscope table or one with ergonomic cut designed for comfort and functionality you have come to the right place. Most microscope tables come with either a phenolic resin or epoxy resin top due to the fact that they are extremely resistant to moisture and most chemicals. Not to mention it's easy to clean and maintain. Read More About Microscope Tables »
Replacement Tops
OnePointe Solutions offers the most popular replacement tops including ESD Laminate, Plastic Laminate (PLAM), Chemical Resistant Laminate, Phenolic Resin, Epoxy Resin and Maple Block. We provide straight edge and radius front edge solutions for both ESD Laminate and PLAM replacement tops. However, OnePointe Solutions can customize replacement tops to your exact specifications. Replacement tops are a great way to make inexpensive improvements to your facilities and workbenches. Read More About Replacement Tops »
OnePointe Solutions provides a full custom workbench solution for our clients, this include the technology that goes on them. Technology items include name brand and white box servers, desktops, laptops, monitors, monitor arms, printers, keyboards, TV and webcams. To see the full range of technology products we offer go to the IT Solutions page. Read More About Technology »
Workbench Bundled Solutions
OnePointe Solutions can offer you a total workbench solution. The benefits are twofold. First and foremost it allows you to create significant cost saving for you and your company. Secondly, you'll only deal with one supplier instead of three or more. Think of the time savings from not having to workout product, pricing and term details with multiple vendors. You will also be assigned a dedicated rep that will know you and your company's account inside and out. See the workbench bundled solution page for more information.
Cleanroom Workbench
We provide custom cleanroom tables or standard cleanroom tables that are available with solid or perforated tops and a brushed or electropolished finish. All cleanroom workbenches are made with 14 gauge stainless steel and all cleanroom tables are alcohol wiped and bagged before shipping and are NSF approved. You can also upper or lower shelves, adjustable legs and drawers to your cleanroom tables. Read More »
Epoxy Resin Countertops
Epoxy Resin is a quality material that is resistant to most chemicals, moisture, impact and heat; it's the ideal solution for environments that are very corrosive or have a high level of moisture. OnePointe Solutions offers epoxy resin countertops, epoxy resin pegboards and epoxy resin workbenches. Read More About Epoxy Resin CounterTops »
Epoxy Resin Science Tables
There is no other material better suited for a science room than epoxy resin. With it being an extremely hard surface resistant to most chemicals, moisture, impact and heat you can't go wrong. Our epoxy resin science tables are either made with an oak frame reinforced with steel brackets or a 1.5 tubular steel frame powder coated for a professional look and feel. We can also add casters so you can change your classroom arrangement depending on your requirements. If you have case work and need a top we also offer epoxy resin countertop solutions. Read More About Science Tables »
Solid Maple & Butcher Block Tops
The rock-hard edge grain construction of butcher block tops assures you of the maximum durability and the greatest construction strength available. Maple block tops are hard at work in factories and on shipping and receiving docks around the world. In the material handling business there is no better top than solid maple block. Read More about Maple Block Tables »
Industrial Workbenches
Our industrial workbenches are built to handle the toughest of environments. Our industrial workbenches are made with 2.0 tubular steel frames (or bigger upon request) and able to support 5000 pounds or more. Popular work surfaces for our industrial workbenches include maple block, stainless steel, epoxy resin and plastic laminate tops. Please see industrial workbenches for more information. Read More About Industrial Workbenches »

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