The Unique Challenges of Cleanrooms

cleanroom is an area that is kept free of dust, debris and other contaminants. Often, cleanrooms are used to manufacture electronic components, or to put together electronic devices. However, cleanrooms are also used for lab work, government work, and research of all kinds. Cleanrooms are functional and conducive to the express needs of the materials and workers. As such, there are very unique challenges in designing and putting together cleanrooms.

Static Electricity and ESD Furnishings

In the case of manufacturing or putting together electronic devices, as well as other projects and practices, static electricity is a definite problem. Static electricity can negatively impact sensitive materials and equipment to the point that projects and experiments are contaminated beyond use. Hard surface flooring is just one step toward ensuring that static electricity doesn’t build up inside a clean room. There must be calibrated control over the cleanroom temperature and humidity to keep a cleanroom static-free.

Electro static dissipative (ESD) workbenches are yet another solution that is essential for cleanrooms. These workbenches are ideal for work involving electro-static sensitive devices and particles. Combined with ESD mats and ESD laminate work surfaces, ESD workbenches help provide the most cleanroom compatible environment possible.

Cleanrooms require mastery over invisible magnetic fields, microscopic particles, dust and debris. Without the judicious use of cleanroom furnishings that support the work of projects in areas such as manufacturing, engineering, aerospace technology and pharmaceutical manufacturing, most of our exciting technological advances simply wouldn’t be possible.

With so many unique challenges involving the design and set up of cleanrooms, it’s helpful to make use of the advice and extensive experience of a company that is accustomed to the complex needs of the cleanroom environment. Please contact OnePointe Solutions to learn more about our industrial and lab furnishings, including ESD products and solutions.