How Organization Fuels Efficiency in Your Lab Work

As a researcher, you understand that the underlying nature of the universe is organization. Even things that seem chaotic on the surface are found, upon closer inspection, to be woven on a fabric of organization. Of course, nature wants to take the simplest path, which is testament that organization makes efficiency possible in all areas of life. Especially in the lab, where insights are often yielded, organization plays a key function in fueling efficiency.

Saves Time

An organized lab saves enormous time for its users. Since lab time comes at such a premium in most places, being organized can make a tremendous amount of difference in the amount of time available for productive work. The organized lab has a place for all the necessities and makes them easily within reach. For instance, casework with shallow drawers allow implements to be individually laid out so they are instantly visible without rummaging. Enclosed cabinets on casework with soft-close hinges eliminate the need to manually close cabinet doors in order to avoid unsettling vibration to sensitive materials on countertops and workstations.

Helps Prevent Accidents

Organized labs have fewer incidences of accidents overall. Over time, lab workers become accustomed to the location of tools and supplies. As long as the lab remains organized and workers can rely on everything having its own place, the movement flow in the lab becomes predictable to a certain extent. Between muscle memory and predictable traffic patterns within the lab, fewer spills, collisions, and general accidents involving worker injury will occur in an organized lab. Worker injury, in particular, will be reduced when you incorporate lab furniture with adjustable height and custom configurations to maximize space efficiency and human ergonomics. Ultimately, with fewer accidents comes greater efficiency.

Making your lab more organized fuels efficiency on multiple levels. The foundation of efficiency is starting with lab furniture that meets the needs of the workers, the projects, and the nature of the work being done. For help with your lab furniture needs, please contact us today.