The 3 Most Important Factors in Lab Furnishings Selection

Lab furnishings heavily influence employee productivity. While planning which lab furnishings to select, project managers should take into account the three most important factors that will closely affect the productivity of the workers who will be using the lab. Primarily, these are flexibility, quality and design.

How the Flexibility of Lab Furnishings Can Enable Productivity

Lab work varies considerably from one lab to another, and even from one project to another. Lab furnishings might be used to outfit a university research center, a corporation’s processed food experimentation center, or a cosmetic company’s scent manufacturing area. The use, goal, and purpose of labs are each different and require different furnishings to meet those purposes and goals.

With the incorporation of flexible lab furnishings, each lab manager can arrange the lab according to the layout and configuration that works best for the occupant’ needs. Flexible lab furnishings eliminate the need to “adjust,” “make-do” or compromise when it comes to setting up the work surfaces and other lab furnishings to maximize productivity. The ability to modify workstations according to the needs of the worker and the requirements of the project should be inherent in the selection of lab furnishings.

The Need for Quality and Design in Lab Furnishings

Quality and design are the next two most important factors in lab furnishings selection. Quality is necessitated because the furnishings themselves should last as long as necessary to serve the needs of the work and of the company or organization. The quality of the lab furnishings should never become an obstacle to the productivity of the work being done in the lab.

Design impacts productivity simply because good design promotes good workflow; while poor design encumbers the natural order of work. The design should complement the clean environment and promote efficiency and the ability to get things done.

When selecting your lab furnishings, be sure to take these factors into consideration in order to ensure maximum productivity, no matter what work your staff is engaged in. For more information, contact OnePointe Solutions.